ok, im finding it so hard to get back into9 moving had big year marridage moving home, blah blah blah, trying to get back into i use run mornings but cant be bothered, get in from work to shattered just want to sleep and eat, ive siigned up to 2 marthrons but ones mid december, i know this sounds mad but im scared to run, i know ive got slower and i feel like if i leave the house i wont get back, bored of tredmill running and give up, has any else felt like this i feel so unfit and fedup and gainning so much weight !


  • Maybe look at other forms excercise?
  • i do do other things, started spinning, swimmimg but its a pain getting change ect, gym i cycled but bike got nicked which really got me down! pliates, somethimes some classes but thre is nothing that gives you that feeling after running! just cant go
  • Shenze - either go out running or don't.  Simplezzzzzz image

    Reading your post you seem to have so many excuses not to run - can you even remember why you used to do it?  If you can and it was because you enjoyed it, then that is all the reason you need to get yourself out there.  Join a club so you arrange to meet someone for a run then you have to go out or let them down.  "getting changed is a pain", "can't be bothered" "scared to run because I know I'm slower" for goodness sake get a grip, stop whineing and just do it................. or don't.

  • Well only you can change what your doing!

    You may be slower but at least you know where you once were and that with a little application you can get back there. Prob a lot quicker than you think.

    I would say put your kit on, put your running shoes on go out the door and run. Just try it again. (You will get back). If you start runnning you wont feel so tired as it will give you energy. You wont be so worried about what you eat, and you might just feel a lot better about yourself and things in general. 

     If you put it off you will never get back into it.

    Must be worth a try

  • Motivation ultimately comes from within, if you need to keep turning to outside sources for motivation, then you need to look inside and see why.

    Generally, if you can't motivate yourself, you won't stay motivated for very long.

  • TheraThera ✭✭✭

    We all have ups and downs, and there are periods where it is almost impossible to get out the door...but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't! If you have signed up for 2 maras you must be keen. Remind yourself as to why you signed up for them.

    Another option is to find a running partner for a while.

    I hope you start to enjoy running again soon...good luck!

  • i know, i am looking for excusses! i have tried but in thre last 2wks, i had my bike nicked from outside the gym, tyed a knew gym as it opens earlier before work and the floor had caved in! WENT TO GO SWIMMING BOTH LIFEGAURDS ILL, WENT TO GO SPINNING 2 BIKES PEDDLES HAD COME OFF! (THIS IS IN GOOD GYMS AS WELL) so as i get motivated something happens, i then think how did i train for a marthron, the thing with running i enjoy the feeling after the thoght of it is scary!
  • TheraThera ✭✭✭
    Hold on to that thought of after your run and just head out of the door. Don't go near any equipement...get some fresh air, that may clear out the cobwebs.image
  • Thats life unfortunately, it throws spanners in the works all the time, but you just have to suck it up, and get on with it.
  • Don't let the B*****DS grind you down Shenz - GO FOR A RUN!!!!!! We all deal with crap in our lives - sometimes its rubbish.  But you said you'd got married this year (thats good), You've moved house (stressfull, I know but good once it's done) you have your health (thats good too), It's not raining (very good), so really there is no excuse for not running.
  • Oh - my boss just put some chocolate on my desk........ that's very very good and the best excuse to go for a run this evening............image
  • I want to work where you work, if something brown landed on my desk, I can bet my last pound it wouldn't be chocolate......
  • shenz, sounds to me you have extremely bad luck with that gym you going too.

    Motivation can only work if you put the effort in. If you want to run a marathon, then you have do running. I`m not sure if you will be ready to run a marathon in mid December. You have had a lot on your plate over the past year. My advice to you is look at what you do each day and see the best time to do some running. Maybe start with 2 miles and then build from there. It might be worthwhile to join a local running club.

    What I will say is go outside and do a nice little run. It beats being stuck in a gym. It gives you freedom and in time, you will feel fitter, better and have more energy. Then you will feel that motivation.

  • youll love where i work,im a teacher and everyday it seems to someones birthday cake, someones baking cake meeting cake, lanuge day cake and food eid, cake, jst felt like it cake, cake, cake cake, then people think your rude if you dont eat there cake!, going to mims for dinner o, ill bake a cake! was meant to run this morning guess what didnt make it, going to see dad tonight his got a fish and chip shop and guess what he loves cake! working late tomorrow will pop into see mum(they dont live togther~) but have told het no more cake as am looking like one! not sure which one yet,
  • TheraThera ✭✭✭
    danowat wrote (see)
    I want to work where you work, if something brown landed on my desk, I can bet my last pound it wouldn't be chocolate......

    image...I don't want to work where you work!

  • MMMMMMMMM cake.......... I LOVE cake image
  • cake cake and more cake, guess what someone has just giving me as i have audience (drama teacher) after work, yep you got it cake! to me through all the talent!
  • Erm..... am I being slow.......? They don't tie you down and stuff it in your mouth do they?
  • they might as well, they go try it and i say i will later they are like have abit now what do you think, i do nibble then put it in the bin 9sometime) (im funning about eating cakes by people im not sure about)
  • Thera wrote (see)
    danowat wrote (see)
    I want to work where you work, if something brown landed on my desk, I can bet my last pound it wouldn't be chocolate......

    image...I don't want to work where you work!

    I don't really either, but it pays, and jobs are a bit few and far between ATM!
  • o yeah forgot to say the play guess what the school pruduction is? ill give you a clue it has chocolate in the title!
  • There are about 30 people in our team and someone is always having a birthday. 

    Now I'm no angel when it comes to food but even I am fed up with having cake every couple of weeks (especially since it is often the same type of cake from the same supermarket) and just don't partake any more - unless it is my own birthday - just politely say, "no thank you" - no one will think you are being rude, honestly.

    Hope your motivation returns soon.

  • Glad you're not an English teacher!!! You need to take charge of yourself, so to speak, start saying no to the cake, have it some of the time and enjoy it when you do. As for the running it's a case of JFDI.

    Hope you get your mojo back.


  • yeah i know, i do rush these forums, as for the running i did it and enjoyed it! this morning arlm went of and i thought F**k it going to do it, ive added about a minute onto my milages but i didnt even care, and 3mile turned into 4miles! im glad i did it! thanks for support sometimes need it!
  • im not really that bad with cake by the way but is always around me
  • Good on you shenz. I've not been out running for 3 months and i'm going to try your suggestion. Maybe tomorrow.

     As for cakes - they seldom taste as good as they look and if you stop eating them, they stop looking edible.

  • do it! i been back into running 2wks and i feel so much better and the cakes dont tempt me either, get out there, ive been doing classes in the gym but there is nothing that is as the feeling after a run, not even after a had spinning lesson!

    do it and enjoy, my time is slower but the fact that imback out is great

  • Nice to know you've got your spark back.  My perception/attitude to motivation is that if it ain't there, you can't put it there.  So what if you don't feel like running?  

     I came to a point of several years of distance and ultra running and stopped finding the pleasure in it but there was plenty I was hoping yet to achieve.  A couple strategies and a "just do it!" attitude failed so I took a rest of several months.  A couple of months ago I knew I was ready.  A "VO2 max test with following up-training plan, a planned re-test, a London marathon place and a decent target" later and I'm doing 5.5hrs running per per week.  Now I am back in the game and as keen as mustard.  And the next time I can't be bothered then I won't be bothered.  I'll take a break, enjoy how I spend my time with family or whatever and wait for it to come back.  It may even take another form - like climbing.....or crown green bowling.  Who knows?

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