Dublin Marathon

The New York Marathon boys & girls have got their act together and got a really good thread going. What about the Dublin crowd. Snicks, Dog Walker etc... We haven't got long to go either (sorry to remind you all), so how's it all going?



  • Oh God Jason. I knew someone would ask soon. Very mediocre on the training front. I managed a good 15 mile run on Sunday, but that's the longest I've run. I'm getting out at best four times a week, and as I've jacked a few classes, I'm paranoid my overall fitness is down. But on a positive note, no injuries (apart form a niggle in my left buttock!), and still relatively fit, oh, and I've booked my flight. Windsor is going to be telling. It will reveal if my fitness really has dropped off...How about you Jason? Are you doing Windsor as a fitness test, or are you going to chuck in a couple of extra miles before or after?
  • God, is it only 6 weeks!?

    Training has been going quite well for me, although I am about to enter the toughest three weeks. Did an 18 miler on Monday in the lashing rain which went okayish and did a few hilly runs in Dorset last week which should help me somewhat. Most of my injury niggles have now been sorted out (amazing what having a young female physio rubbing your groin can do! Perhaps it'd work on your butt cheek Snicks!!!) so I'm in decent shape I think. Well, certainly better than I was for London anyway!

    Hotel and flights booked. Flying out of Luton on Friday evening and coming back on Tuesday morning (might be Air Ambulance home after marathon on Monday!) Am staying in Lower Gardiner Street which is quite close to the centre. I think we should decide when we are going to get together and what to do...anyone fancy a pasta party one night?!
  • I think a young man would do a far better job on my bottom, DW. Oh my god, You are in shape!!! Not competitive, jealous type at all DW, well done. As for pasta, defo up for it. I'm also going back on Tuesday am, flying with Ryan Air to Luton at 11.30am
  • 6? I thought it was 7!
    Runs up to 10 miles no problem longest at the moment 18 a couple of weeks ago but hope to increase that this weekend. No real injury worries yet but 6!! weeks is a long time.
    I have managed to persuade one of my workmates to go for it in Dublin too, drinking/recovery buddy for the Monday afternoon and onwards.
    Am due to arrive Saturday afternoon till Tuesday, staying at a hotel in Amiens St wherever that is, in Dublin somewhere.
  • Training is going ok. My plan is to do 16-18 this Sunday, followed by the Maidstone 1/2m and 10k the following week back to back (18 again), then try and have a good run at windsor.

    I haven't done a long run for about a month, and I'm getting panicky now.

    I'm flying out on the Saturday morning and coming back on Monday night (probably a serious error of judgement there).

    A Saturday night Pasta party would be good.

    I can't remember but I think there is a 10k on the Sunday before the martahon to meet fellow runners and blow away those cobwebs. Any one up for it?
  • There's definitely a breakfast run of some kind. Yep, I'll be up for it Jason L.
  • I managed to get round London, by cramming all my training into the last 6 weeks, so Dublin should be a doddle!
  • Snicks, you'll get a lie in on Tuesday morning then - we're on the 08:30!!! Perhaps you can find a nice little Irish Leprechaun to work that buttock for you!!!

    Never been to pasta party before. How do we organise it? Just find an Italian restaurant nearby or something?!

    When is the 10K Jason? Is it the day before the race? Is this the same as the breakfast run Snicks is talking about?

    If anyone is into horse racing, there is a meeting at Leopardstown (very close to Dublin I'm told) on the Saturday which we are considering going to.
  • DW, I'm sure the 10k and the breakfast run are the same thing. Did you run in Regents Park today?

    Snicks, don't worry about your training.
    I'm sure you'll get a n ew PB @ Dublin.
  • Jason, yes I had a gentle 5 mile trot around the park - it's a lot hotter than it looks out there. Are you still up for tomorrow lunchtime? I'm not sure I can manage a 10K the day before a marathon if that's when it is. I'll cheer you on and pass you jelly beans or something...

    Snicks, I agree with Jason - whenever you give it the old "oh, I'm so unfit" or "I drunk too much red wine last night" you always end up running a PB!!! Seriously though, you'll be fine.

    What time is everyone hoping for? (I know it's a bit early to be asking this, but so what?)
  • DW, I should be up for tomorrow lunchtime. I'll let you know around 11ish. It depends if I get my current project out the door.

    I hoping for between 4:20 - 4:40
  • Right Jason L and DW, the truth, I'm hoping for sub 4. But, I'll have to be satisfied with sub 4:06 (FLM time) due to lack of training. I will be a very unhappy Snicks if I do more than 4:06. I've sacraficed a love life in order to get the training in over the next six weeks (there's only so much Snicks can fit into a day).
  • Hi fellow Dubliners,

    I've found training really hard this time. For London I gave up playing Football and was on a really strict eating regime, for Dublin I wanted to try and train without it taking over my life. It hasn't worked. I've attempted two 20 milers in the last two weeks and have faded at 17 and 15 on both occasions. I'm still doing the same training miles as London but that sub 4 is looking unlikely at the moment.

    I've also turned vegetarian since London and I think that is having an effect.

    I'm flying out Sunday morning and back on Monday night and staying near Connelly station. Sounds like I'll see most of you at Windsor.
  • Guys,

    I'm actually aiming for the same kind of area as Jason...4:20 - 4:40. You can make a lot of progress in 6 weeks training Snicks, maybe more than you think so don't despair. My entire FLM training lasted only 12 weeks, from being a drunken overweight couch potato in January and not having put a pair of trainers on for a year!

    Hives, out of curiosity, how has turning vegetarian affected your life and particularly your running? Do you feel more tired as a result?
  • Definitely more tired. I'm finding that I get to a certain point and I'm like the bunnies in the old duracell advert, I grind to a halt. I need to change my vitamin supplements to accomadate the change in food habits.

    My legs don't feel as strong either, my knees ache and mentally I'm struggling this time.

    I am slightly heavier than London and not eating as rigid a regime. Which I'm sure is not helping.

    I need to pull my socks up, knuckle down and get on with it.

    I feel better for this moan.
  • Hi everyone, I think there is a few more of us forumites doing this but no doubt they will come out of the wilderness in the next few weeks. I'm up to 18 miles now although did the GSR last SUnday (which was a nice 10 miler) but managed to "over stress my peroneus brevis" as my physio said this morning (muscle between the knee and fith metatarsal). Was a bit panicky before physio this morning as was unsure whther this was going to kick me into touch for Dub's but he reckons I'll be back running by end of next week. SO instead of the planned 19 miler for Sunday I'm heading to the ECT at the gym. Flying on the sauturday from gatwick, staying at the Clarion hotesl( in the centre of dublin..apparently has good gym/jacuzzi facilities so will be good for post-race relaxation and to keep Mrs W away from the shops for four hours when I'm running!!)and flying home on tuesday lunchtime (i.e. after recovering from race and post-race guiness..). Aiming for sub 4.15 but will be happy to finish (first marathon).
  • well dublin will be my virgin marathon.
    Only done 1 10k and 1 1/2m before.
    doing windsor 1/2 but training is going so bad. I seem to get a very stiff back after about 3 miles which I have tried to run thru, but to no avail. gonna get me some physio next week to see if that helps.
    i am a naturaly BIG bloke anyway(6'2" and 15.5 stone) normally find a 8 min mile is my natural pace so was hoping for about 4 hrs in dublin-but think thats out of reach now.
    Flying out from Stanstead on Sun Lunch and back on Tues afternoon, so if any Sun or Mon nightg socials are going on give me a shout.
    Mrs legless is coming over, but only for the Guiness!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Does anyone know Dublin? Is there going to be a get together for a plate of pasta and a half Guiness?
    I am staying in the North Star hotel, walking distance of most places I think. If not, maybe see some of you there as we all seem to be finishing at the same time, I am number 400 for that 3 1/2 to 4 hours.
  • I'm staying with my friend who lives in Dublin. She's preggas which is good for me, as we won't be tempted to go on the Raz the night before the big day. She'll defintiely be able to recommend a good pasta place, and a post race meeting point. I'm already looking forward to a big fat pint of Guinness after the race. No doubt that will be it, then I'll be flat on my face! I'm about to do my long run, aiming for 3 hours, hopefully 20 miles. Right, there's no more putting it off. I've got to get out there and do it! Hope fellow Dubliners enjoy their longs this weekend. Let us know how you get on.
  • Just a bit more procastination...Hives, re: diet. I had three glasses of red last night. I've had almost a 200g bar of fruit and nut this morning (it's a girl's thing). My diet is terrible. Oh and I don't eat meat either. Good on you for making the effort. Eat some red kidney beans and lentils for your iron and protein - but don't forget the effect running has on your bowels. As for mental preparation, I know what you mean. Was London your first Marathon? It was mine. I think motivation for number one is bound to be a bit more 'there'. And don't forget two marathons in one year is pretty good going. There, I feel better already. Right, now there really is no excuse. I'm putting it off. Come on Snicks. Move. Out the door. You have to run 20 miles. It is worth it!!!!!!!
  • Hope it went well Snicks, I am saving mine till tomorrow but if you can do 20 then 20 it is for me too. Might have gone out today but my wife has just been shopping and come back with a rather nice looking chocolate sponge I may just have to try. Dedication to the cause or what...
  • Snicks, hope the run went well. My schedule is on a stepback week to 13 miles tomorrow, then it's a 20 next week and another one two weeks later!!! Roll on the taper!!!

    Good luck tomorrow Sarcy1.
  • I'm back. I did it - well, almost. I drove a 20 mile course, 10 miles out, 10 miles, back. And I reckon I knocked off 1/2 mile, so 19.5. I was out for 3:03, but stopped to have a couple of squeezy's, go to the loo, and buy some fruit pastiles and Lucozade, so knock off 7 to 10 mins. Is anyone really interested in this other than me!? Right now got to get ready for my sister's 40th, and no doubt a few big glasses of RED!!

    Good luck tomorrow Sarcy 1 and DW. Snicks
  • That last sentence made no sense whatsoever. I'll try again. I'm going to a party. No doubt I will drink red wine, and dance around my sister's living room until I collapse with a piece of Quiche hanging out of my mouth... have good weekends all
  • A normal quiet Saturday night then Snicks!? ;-)
  • Panic has already set in...all was going to plan up till 2 weeks ago. 16 mile run, all ok, followed by 7 miler and a pain in my right foot just below the ankle bone.Trip to physio, no running (never realised just how frustrating that was going to be), just cycling and swimming. I should have been doing a 1/2 tomorrow, but never mind. I've been patient-ish and am hoping a further trip to the physio will let me get back to running. As to whether I'll be fit for Dublin....I've never run a marathon before, only a couple of 1/2's and was so hoping to do this one. Is there any chance, if I can get back to running this week, I'll be able to do Dublin? Is it possible to get enough training in? Yep, I know, its the 64 million dollar question. But if anyone has any crumbs of comfort to offer, they'll be gratefully accepted.
  • Good luck you Dubliners.
    Keep off the Guiness until you've finished.
  • Seabird, sorry to hear about the foot. If you have kept up the cardio work, which it sounds like you have, then as long as you ease back in and don't come back with a 45 mile first week you should be OK. You might have to revise your finishing time though.
    Just don't get panicky, there are plenty of others to do that for you!!
  • DW, I'll never learn. 430am to bed, after red, white and champagne! How very civilised (arlight, I wasn't civilised at all). Did indeed dance around my sister's living room. Good fun had by all. Oh well. I can consle myself that I'm in better shape post long runs than I was leading up to London - not as sore or tired. And next weekend will be very quiet.

    Don't panic Seabird. You'll be fine, as Sarcy1 says, keep up the cardio work. It must happen to people all the time.
  • Off to Dublin too.Not done too much training but really looking forward to pounding the streets of the fair city.Really easy from a tourist perspective over there to get about.
    Managed a steady off road 2 hours this morning,just recoveries are taking longer these days as a vet.Never mind.Looking forward to sinking a few pints of Nelson Mandella on the monday night before flying home!
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