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Hiyah, all

I've been thinking about my butt (as you do!) and the best way to stretch it. During my long run last Saturday, I was finding that the tiredest bit on me was my butt, particularly my right cheek kind of below my hip. I'm fanatical about stretching so my flexibility (which has always been good - I aint fast but I can get my leg behind my neck!) has improved. The lying-on-the-floor-with-ankle-of-left-leg-on-right-knee-pulling-in butt stretch I do at the moment is fine on my left but doesn't seem to quite do the job on my right.

Can anyone suggest a good stretch I could try? And, please - keep it clean, folks!! Muchas gracias.




  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    There's one on a thread somewhere called the Pigeon Pose - I'll go and hunt it down. It's difficult to explain, but there's a link to some pictures, and it gets to that bit that the "lying-on-the-floor-with-ankle-of-left-leg-on-right-knee-pulling-in butt stretch" just doesn't quite get to.

    Back soon.........
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    The thread is called "Sciatica" and it is in the Health and Injury forum.
  • You could try the - and I will try and explain best I can - legs wide, toes slightly pointing out, gradually bend legs, lean forward grabbing ankles, use elbows to push knees out. This does the inner thigh mainly but also gets the butt area a treat too!

  • I think today may be one of my better days.
  • Nessie - I can't find the Health & Injury bit - Help!

  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    you can try the sam thing you've done but pulling the right leg into your chest when lying down without placing your ankle on the other leg

    Hi Ballini how are you?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Ballini - it's about 4 threads from the top of the H&I front page - Sciatica - pain in the butt, posted by Kevin Reynolds.

    Hi DavidB!
  • Hello Nessie XXX. This is a very interesting topic, think I might just hide behind the settee for a while and listen in. Your eyes look very wide today, not doing any stretches are you?
  • Hi, Nessie - thanks for the stretch tip. I used to do yoga regularly but this is a new pose for me.
  • Two ideas;
    Lying on back, crucifix position, lift right knee almost to chest, put left hand on right knee and pull right knee over body to left. Keep right arm out and look at right hand. (usually done with both knees raised but stronger stretch with one).

    Or (sounds similar to what you're doing): Sit up legs out straight in front of you, pull the, ahem, butt cheeks out so you're sat on your bones(!), lift right knee up and over left leg, put left hand on right knee and pull gently to left, twist upper body to the right.

    Far easier to do than explain! :-)

  • Hi so jose - I am fine today! Nessie - I have just realised that you are talking bout this forum - I thought you meant on the Yoga site!!

    Me is thicko...
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I get the odd sciatica twinge, and the stretch that clears it for me is very simple: lie on the floor flat on your back, bring your knees to your chest, put your arms around your legs just below the knees (embracing them, in other words) and tighten the embrace. This should pull your knees into your chest and eventually force your hips/buttocks to rise a bit. In me, this one stretches and loosens all those muscles, pulleys and wires etc in the lower back/bum region.
  • Gosh - I've just found that pressing the enter button on my pc makes my post go off!

    Meant to also say thanks to Ballini for the bending over stretch. I've just tried this (to the amusement of my colleague who just walked into my office!) and can get my head right down to the floor. Doesn't really stretch my butt so much, though. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, with my legs a bit wide.Or maybe it's my trousers.

    DavidB - are you still enjoying yourself?!
  • FAJ, are you bending your knees and you should keep your head up.

  • Most of the stretches mentioned here are variations on various yoga poses so it could be helpful for you to pop along to a yoga class to get some ideas, thats where i got most of my good stretches from
  • Hi, Ballini - my legs are straight and I'm trying to keep my head up but it's a bit hard cos I need to bend over from the waist until I'm about 6 inches from the floor before I get any stretch at all, and then it's in my hamstrings. Which is nice!

    Ooh, isn't it fun lying on the floor when you should be working?!
  • FAJ: this is wonderful, positively the best fun I've had on the web without having to give my credit card details. Keep it up.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    BuffPuff - I do your second stretch a lot - it's great when you get a good crack from your spine. Ahhhhh.

    Another good back stretch is to do a shoulder stand i.e. lie on your back, raise your legs and back off the floor so that your weight is on your shoulders and your hands are supporting your lower back with your elbows on the floor. Then allow your legs to flop right over behind your head, legs straight and try to touch the floor with your toes, then bend your knees and try to touch the floor with your knees.

    Yes DavidB, this explains the eyes!
  • I find the best one is sitting down with legs out wide, legs straight and then bend forward from the hips trying to get head and chest on floor out in front of you between the legs. Do what you like with you arms and hands but I like to bend my elbows, rest them on the floor and rest my head on my hands on less stretchy days!
  • FAJ
    Bend your knees, keep them over middle toe, and basically go into a wide, low squat!

    I have a feeling that unless you are wearing baggy/stretch trousers, they wont allow you to do this one!

    when you hold onto your ankles, you can use your elbows to push the knees wider.....

    Owch! This does do the butty bits!
  • On, and DavidB, you are a naughty one aren't you!

    By the way, Asda do really cheap Yoga etc books, with pictures.......

    Leotards are a bit old fashioned but what can you expect from £2.99 eh?
  • Aah, now I get it Ballini. Nope, my trews won't let me do this one. I'm tempted to take them off and have a go but that might just be pushing things a bit too far! Although... I could go into the toilet.....
  • Blimey FAJ, you are into this aren't you?!

    Is your name short for Fajita by any chance?

    Are you Mexican?
  • Hee hee! Nope, FAJ is my initials. My real name is Fiona. Though odd that you should mention Mexican because I do speak Spanish. And I do enjoy the odd fajita. Muy beuna.

    And, yes, I did indeed go into the toilet. Luckily I had locked the door properly because otherwise the person who unsuccessfully (thank the high heavens above!) tried to come in would have had a lovely (?!) view of my be-knickered bottom as I tried that deep squat movement. Which, alas, my knees don't like. After all that!!!
  • Well, all I can say is 'FAJ, get on with some work and stop flaunting that shapely butt at our work colleagues'.

    Signed, FAJ's running partner x
  • <<meerkat wanders in and is astonished to see Donna, Nessie, FAJ, DBSA, Ballini, Muttley and Buffpuff contorted into clever shapes that make out the letters: HELLO DAVIDB>>
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    ROFLMAO meerkat!
  • Hello Meerkat, we're playing Twister, the special butt-stretcher edition. I'm afraid I was out early on (rather not talk about it if you don't mind).
  • FAJ, make sure that your knees track your middle toe........and that feet are wider - should never bend knees past the 90 degrees otherwise it puts too much pressure on. this goes for stretching and any weight bearing exercise...


    You werent at asda were you???????!!!!

    Twister, now that sounds fun!!
  • Come on then, im up for twister, sure beats sitting at my desk with back ache
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