OK, If I am VLM reject...any advice on what to enter next!

Going on that trick posted on here, I have been rejected again...sigh. Don't want to do a charity place again!

So....anyone done New York?! How does a very slow plodder get a place, is it via ballot like VLM?

Or shall I forget these biggies and just enter local marathon...not sure how I will feel without the samba bands, men dressed as Elvis, being overtaken by Scooby Doo etc etc etc...


  • unlucky my friend Edinburgh looks quiet promising 1 month later.Guaranteed entry form included inside  your commiserations magazine.
  • Thanks for that tip...and I have never been to Edinburgh! May be time for a tripette!
  • what about Brighton? not sure if entries are still open but looks good if they are

    from another VLM reject image

  • edinburgh marathon is mis named it should be called "start in edinburgh marathon"
  • Does anyone know what sort of money you have to raise if you enter the vlm with a charity?
  • Looking at some of them mach minimum £1500
  • Mach  - Think my target was 1750.... it is do-able, make sure it is a charity you believe in/a local charity, and people will support you. I did coffee mornings, quiz night, non-uniform day at school, 'guess my time for a £1'....I raised just under 2000. Only works if none of your friends doing the same thing though, two of mine have charity place for VLM....there's only so much people can give!

  • Blackpool or Stratford are Both well run events
  • Edinburgh is great (however as aleady said it actually is mainly the 'east coast marathon').. It's  nice and fast though and despite there not being huge crowds - I always feel really special when a group of villagers have come out specially just to cheer 'me' on. 

    Lochaber is usally on the same day - very small and you take your own juice up (image ) sells out fast.

    Paris?  V popular I believe although i have yet to do it.

  • Unless you're desparate to run in a big city somewhere, come do Windermere

    Quieter than the big city events, but superbly organised, fantastically scenic and really friendly.  I'm biased because I live on the doorstep but I also know a good number of people who rate it as their number 1 'must-do' race.

  • I got rejected from London last year so I did Blackpool and Edinburgh instead, didn't really feel the love for Blackpool but loved Edinburgh.
  • edinburgh is the way forward. I'm in!!!! image
  • I did New York last year....when I say did, by that I mean I walked...or should I say Power walked in a decorated bra for a breast cancer charity.

    I paid for the trip myself and raised £500 for Walk the Walk.

    It was the best experience ever. The people were so friendly and as we started at the back there were thousands of people still out on the streets hours after the elite and real runners passed.

    Would love to run it perhaps next year..or the year after...or year after that....image

  • Another London reject here!  Got myself psyched up for my 1st marathon, although knew I was likely to get rejected.  So what now, I feel I want to do a marathon?  Got myself 3 options, but can't really decide.  Can anyone help?

    Stratford - same day as VLM so hopefully not too warm, but not sure about 2 doing laps of a course.

    Windermere - really like the sound of this, but think it may be too hilly for a slow (5 hour ish) 1st timer like me.

    Edinburgh - Like the idea of a big event for my first marathon, but at the end of May worried it may be too hot, and all the writes ups and comments of last year talk about is the poor organisation.

     Ahhggg, what should I do.  Any and all suggestions welcome!

     Cheers, Mark

  • same position. did Edinburgh last year which was great. Organisation was fine, it's just that lots of crates of water were stolen in the early hours before the start. It was bloody hot though, and could be again at that time of year.

    Blackpool? I hate Blackpool, but think I might have to do that one
  • Pairs is a very good alternative to London.Stratford is good but has a hectic start with the halfs going off at the same time as the full.

    I too have been rejected again for London and will be doing Cracow but am waiting for registration top open.

  • White Peak Marathon would be my choice - it's roughly the same time of year as London and a really nice scenic course without being massively difficult - some of the other very scenic races are also very tough but not this one.    It's off road too but it's on a decently surfaced track.

     You can get an idea of the track here - it's all on the Tissington and High Peak trails. 

  • Many good alternatives to VLM.

    I've not done any other UK maras, so can't compare (though Edinburgh is a great city).

    Why not try an overseas race and have a few days holiday while you're at it?

    Paris is a v popular alternative to VLM, though I've not done it. Around that time of year - April/May - I have done and can heartily recommend Copenhagen, Hamburg, Zurich. All interesting cities. Hamburg is a massive race with 500,000+ spectators. Copenhagen and Zurich are smaller but very nice, well-organised events in lovely cities.

    Did Boston this year with a charity place. Fantastic event, one of the best in the world, but hard to get into. Chicago in October another brilliant event - always voted in the top 3 in the world.

    A really good resource is www.marathonguide.com with tons of race reviews under the Calendars section

  • Well, decision made.  I'm now in the Stratford marathon.  My 1st ever marathon - oh my god, what have I done!
  • That looks good, but didn't fancy the two laps thing....too easy to cut it short!
  • Know what you mean dibbers, not keen on that myself.  But the deed is done.  Main reason for choosing it was that it was in April.  Worried that May may be too hot.  Hate running in hot weather, and it would be worrying me all through my training.
  • I know it's a lot later in the year (end of October) but my first was Snowdonia.  If you only ever do one marathon it has to be Snowdonia.  Enough people not to be small but without the vast crowds of runners at the big ones.  Great organisation, incredible scenery, awesome course and plenty of supporters lining the route through the villages.
  • Is Brighton full? I know there was alot of popular demand for it, If so considering i earn pretty poor money which would be the better Marathon to enter Edinbourgh or Paris?
  • My alternative for the last few years has been the Neolithic.  Not for anyone who's main aim is a fast time, and maybe not the best first marathon as the course is largely off road and considerably tougher than London, including hills and rough, stony and rutted tracks.  On the other hand if you like getting out into the country then you pass through an amazing range of landscapes.  There's also something about running from Avbury to Stonehenge via a couple of other ancient monuments...  Support is sparse, but enthusiastic, and everyone is friendly (they hold a walk, half marathon, cani cross and mountain bike events on the same course on the same day).  Great finish with an announcer cheering you in and free food.  And free entry to Stonehenge if you have the energy!  Generally very well organised though the mile markers have been eratic the last couple of years.  Chip timed and nice medal.
  • Windermere is fine for us plodders, the cut-off is about eight hours I think, I managed 4.50 last year as a first-timer and I was not on my own or even near to last.   The support from locals as we passed through the villages was great.  Don't let the hills put you off, they're not that bad and most people walk up the steepest ones.
  • Stratford is nice. As is Paris.

    Edinburgh is also worth considering - thats the one I'll be doing as my VLM backup.

  • Another vote for Edinburgh

    It was cool and drizzling the year I did it

  • Edinburgh sounding good...and what are you mad people doing, hilly and off-road marathons, this is a new thought for me, I was only imagining the big road races! I am rather fancying the Windermere one now....

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