Aaawww what a nice man!

Tonight i was walking home from my sisters and there was an older man in front, i was walking fast so was just on the verge of overtaking him an he heard me behind and said "oh your walking fast" an i replied "yeah i'm a runner so walking fast is easy peasy" and he then said "yeah me too".

Then all the way up the road to where we went off on our different paths  we had a lovely conversation all about running an about how good for you it is an how its a great way to keep fit and the like.  We both left off saying "keep with it" and "happy running". An it's left me thinking how great the running community an comeradery can be between fellow runners. image



  • Nice experience. Most runners I come across when training don't even make eye contact though.
  • Nice one Jenni! Makes a difference when you make a connection like that image
  • Hmm, well some of us might not feel that way of course!
  • I only have a handfull of other runners round here, quite a rural area, however, they are all more than happy to see a fellow runner, and always smile, wave, say hello, good morning etc etc.
  • I've worked in my current job for 7 years now, and I've occasionally passed a random bloke from another department in the corridor. I've never said more than a 'good morning' to the guy in 7 years, but on Monday lunch time I saw him running on the canal tow path.

    .........needless to say, we are now firm buddies, and spend ages chatting in the aforementioned corridor instead of passing each other with a cursory nod.  

    running is just like that.

  • nearly everyone I say hello to running says hello back.. a big hello and a smile is usually returned..........image

  • Most runners I pass smile or nod back. 

    When I'm driving and I let a runner cross the road I want to be able to let on that I run too, we need a special sign/gesture to communicate! image

  • I always pass runners, walkers, horses and cyclists with the utmost care and courtesy - But I also thank motorists heartily who do the same for me.

  • Devoted2Distance wrote (see)
    Yeah, same here. I put my hand up to three runners last night and they all ignored me. Arrogant pratts.
    D2D - Your reputation is spreading!!! image
  • Cheers guys,

    just wanted to share this nice little story with everyone to show how there are 2 sides to every coin an while some fellow runners may not smile or say hello back, there are others who very much do x

    LoL W.G

  • My regular running is more urban, and there's a few hellos at best, usually from the older generation.

    Last night i ran (despite the forum name!) around Llyn Padarn in Llanberis and passed a fair few runners, and they all said hello...

    I think I'll have to run that one again image
  • That's a lovely run around Llyn Padarn!
  • It is - first proper run with a bit of uphill (though i walk plenty uphill) and i was soooo glad for the downhill and flat bits.

    The bit through the forest have to be the best bits (followed by the view of the Horseshoe from both ends!)
  • One of my residential routes goes past a short row of individual bungalows. I was running by one day, and noticed that one of the houses had a low, wide bay window that you could see right inside.

    Sat inside the bungalow was a little elderly lady who cheerfully waved at me as I trotted past, so I waved back.
    I don't know who she is but I often add that route on the end of my run now and we exchange waves. image I hope it cheers her up as much as it does me. Maybe I'll adopt her as my nan...
  • We owd ens are always polite and's the fast young whippersnappers that are too self-absorbed to acknowledge fellow runnersimageimage 
  • Siance - that's lovely!image
  • Siance, I wish I had that on the end of my training run. Would make me very happy. If only others would have the same respect as that elderly lady. One day, you should knock on her door and have a nice cuppa. At least you showing your respect for someone else.

    When I`m running out and about, you get two types. If its a runner, they will say hello or nod at you. If its a jogger with a Ipod stuck into their ears, you get a zombie expression. Says it all really.

  • I run with an ipod but will always acknowledge another runner with a verbal hi and a wave - whether they nod back is up to them.

  • I take that back, I run with an mp3 not an ipod image but I still always say something!
  • I have two regulars on my routes, one is a guy who lives in a fields entrance in his caravan who always shouts 'mornin' and encouragement, the other is an old guy who is always sat in his car in town at whatever time I pass, who always smiles and waves. I would like to find out more about both of them but never stop because I guess I'm selfish and that would ruin the run.
  • Jenni & Siance - what lovely stories, fair warms the cockles of me heart it do image

    On a similar theme to Siance's tale; we were doing a club interval session in the summer on a quiet service road next to a park. We were all tearing up and down outside the few houses on this little road when I spotted an elderly lady watching us from her window. As the session progressed, she left her house and came to watch us by her gate. Each time a runner went by she cheared and clapped. It was lovely! Before we'd finished our session it began to rain really heavily and she went inside. I thought, what a shame the rain had to drive her back indoors - but no! She was back at her gate with her umbrella, cheering just as heartily on my next pass-by!
    What a trooper. Much better than sitting indoors watching TV. We all wondered if perhaps in her youth or not so very long ago, she had been a runner too.

  • Great story Small, but I have to admit to feeling a tiny degree of disappointment with the ending.  I thought you were going to say she came back out in the rain with a small tray of tea making things and an agreeable assortment of cup-cakes.

    Nice lady non the less

  • I agree AmyO,  that would have been a better ending image

  • Aww Small, that's a sweet tale too.

    Right. I'm going to find out who my elderly lady is (i live in a village so there will be a grapevine). She has an immaculate garden, so I reckon she's quite a proud lady. It's weird but if I run by and she's not there, I get a bit concerned, wondering if she's ok image

    Mr S says she's probably hiding from the nutter she doesn't know waving in at her!  image

  • Ah stuff what Mr S says. I thinks its really nice that someone has the decency to just wave at you when you running. Shows some people really do care in this world.
  • Strange I have ran in most parts of the country and every time, I have seen a runner we have always acknowledge each other with a smile. I am a friendly Northerner though image
  • I ALWAYS smile and wave at other runners, dog walkers, random pedestrians or people gardening  - except when I'm half asleep or in a daze thinking about something else!! image

    But if someone serving in a shop/on the till at tesco is grumpy and uncommunicative they get the full charm offensive until they lighten up. image

  • On this subject - Im staying away from home at the moment and through my running I met a wonderful man and now we are best friends. He is a retired competitive long distance runner and has helped me a lot. He also encourged me to complete my very first 10k race!!


  • hey!!!! i always smile and say hello and i'm youn.......

    oh shit no i'm not.

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