Should I run marathon ??


I was injured approx six weeks ago with a lower lumber spasum, up till this point I was following the sub 3.45 training programme. I was effectively out for four weeks and it was only last week that I have resumed some kind of training, last Thursday I did three runs throughout the day culminating in 15 miles run. My legs still feel the effects of this but plan to run a ten miler tomorrow.................

My question is this I kind of resigned myself to not running the Abingdon marathon on the 18th but always felt in the back of my mind that I might run on the assumption on 4.30, 10 mins miles rather than a potential p.b....................

(I know I should leave it and concentrate on Stratford at the end of April 2010, but something keeps telling me to go for it, albiet sloowllllyyyyyyy..........................)

Be good to hear your thought's Ro  


  • It depends on a/  will you be able to hold back and not over do it and b/ can you accomodate the recovery time.
    If like me the answer is no to both then don't do it and offer to help marshall.

    It's a really horrible decision to have to make and I sought advice from trusted experienced runners. Try the Abingdon thread for advice.

  • If you were going for a time and you feel ok on the day then I doubt you will be able to hold yourself back - most runners can't (myself included)

    Maybe it would be better to ere on the side of caution - sorry but that's my feeling.

  • I had similar experience last year with Nottingham marathon. Was out for ten weeks with achilles tendon and only ran again week before marathon. Felt ok until 23 miles when hit the wall big time. Last 3 miles were not fun. That said  the problems I encountered were probably in part due to still going for my 3:30 target (lack of experience and stupidity on my part). Did exactly 8min/mile for 23 miles then did 14-15 min/mile for remainder.

    My advice would be if you do decide to do Abingdon then be really strict with yourself about setting off at a steady pace. Also check out that doing it won't risk a recurrence of your lumbar spasm.

  • The jury is still out (never did that 10 miler today due to a friends leaking radiator and me being a plumber).................image Joy

     The point about potentially going after my original goal are interesting. I'm nearing 40 next year and want to break 3.30, achieveable I believe that will now have to be one for April next year. I'm sure with the right mind set and not falling into the rush of getting my racing gear standing in line with all the other runners on the start line, that could be a problem, adrenilin does kick in big time for me (in running terms I live to race).........................

    I will see how the next couple of weeks pan out, but heart tells me one thing and the head is saying run for the hills. In my best Mr T voice "you fool".....................

    Thanks for your replies

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