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Hi, Im not a member of a club but the club I would like to join (because it is fairly local, don't know what the people are like) does a series of 5 milers over the summer. The first one is tonight and I don't know whether to go. I want to but I am slow (and fat). I know you all will say Yes Go, but will these club runners really want to be waiting for me to finish before they can get their results, will they just laugh at me? I think last year the winners were running times like 20-25 minutes, It would probably take me 55 -60 minutes (it is a fairly hard course). What should I do?? Be honest you club runners, do you really want fat slow women running in your fast club races??
Ta, Tiny


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    Go. Most clubs will be happy to have new members. If you are last so what. If they are not welcoming then that is their problem and you don't have to go back. The worst that can happen is that you wont be wondering whether you should join them this time tomorrow.
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    TT, I'm a sort of club runner and the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned. There's a strong beginners group at my club (from memory, it's been a while) who just run at the pace that they are comfortable with. Yes the fast runners will be finshed but they are when most of us are still on the course - most people on here are happy plodders rather than the elite.
  • I am a member of a club that has 6 x 5.5 milers over the summer that are handicapped, I am the slowest runner so was first one out, I came fourth, won a bottle of wine and did it in 61mins which I was really chuffed with as my last 10km time was 73mins, so what are you waiting for get out there and enjoy your races.
  • Our beginners started out in January with a target of completing our annual 5m race which was last weekend.

    The last finisher was one of the beginners. She was a large lady and finished about 45mins behind the winner. She got a tremedous cheer as she approached the line and was crying as she crossed it, not cos she was last but because of what she had achieved.

    Go for it.
  • TT by postinng here you are already in a Club the URWFRC and I would like to think that we are typical or other non-Virtual Clubs, in that they like us are a supportive environment for people who enjoy running at any level.

    Hope all went well, I am waiting to see you posting this morming.
  • Tiny Toes, which club is it? I seem to remember you are in the Stoke or Cheshire area? I run with Trentham, and I am the very slowest (and fattest too!), but they take it in turns to babysit me at the back, and muster back every mile to check I haven't collapsed. No one (except me) makes me feel inadequate and they have an 'everyone's got to start somewhere' philosophy. It's helped me to get faster.

    However, I do prefer big events which aren't all club runners, simply because it can be pretty demoralising to be very last by a long way, as is my general experience.
  • I didn't do it!!

    Thanks for all the advice though, I just didn't feel up to it last night. Their next race is in June (11th I think) and I will definately do that one - I will have a bit more training in by then.

    I'm doing a race 4 life on Sunday where there will be around 1500 women - more my kind of race! I definately won't be last as my little girl (5) is walking it with her nan.

    Thanks again.

    p.s. the club is wigan phoenix

    ta, tiny
  • Make sure you let us know how the run on the 11th goes tinytoes.
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    have a look at the thread for the Epsom Allsorts women only Hogsmill 5 race in Events and Beginners, tiny.

    There were loads of people finishing at this race in about your time and slower, its a shame you couldn't have come down for it, but Im sure there would be similar races in your area. So you certainly won't be the slowest runner around. I ran for a long time at that speed, and thought that I couldn't possibly be faster than anyone, and that if I could break 50 minutes for 5 miles, I would be some sort of super runner! Now I can do 41 minutes for 5 miles, but I still feel slow compared to the faster runners. I think it is all in the mind, how fast a runner you feel you are
  • Our club operates the handicapping system for it's summer series, which if the estimations are correct we all end up finishing at roughly the same time, in fact the faster runners are usually in near the back or last. I love these events as they finish on a field by the river and you get to chat to people who you don't normally see much.
  • I joined a club a few weeks ago, and even tho i met some of the runners in the club last year and they're a real good laugh. I still haven't had the bottle to go! I'm determined to go in the next couple of weeks tho - will talk myself into it!
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