Which turbo is best

I have (I think) won some money on a lottery scratch card and it is enough to buy a better turbo than I have now.  image

Any recommedations for around £500 pleaseimage

<edited for my appauling spelling!>


  • How about this one. It is only £250 !

  • LOL  Typical!!! 

    Ok maybe I need to qualify that with the word trainer just for Alex's benefit image

    Though that would certainly help me loads!!! image

  • It helped me in Bala, I had a nifty little one from a 'Ford Escort RS' concealed up my butt.

    Race ref didn't spot it either despite the noxious emissions and having to stop for Petrol half way !

  • I will bear that in mind then image

    Bet he thought the noxious emissions were a result of the pie the night before image

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Turbo Pie image

  • I'd love one of these (linky) , which must make turbo training more interesting but couldn't afford it, even with a lucky win!image

    If that means you might have a spare entry level one for sale, one careful owner etc etc....

  • Rio, I have a Fortius I-Magic, its pretty good with all the bells and whistles, you can race against other people online, download/buy WR routes etc. 

    Im not actually sure if it works without being plugged into a PC, also only worth it if you get good use from it. 

    As you already have a turbo would it be a better idea to maybe buy a MTB or some sexy races wheels?

  • nice holiday in the sun.
  • Rio I bought one yesterday one of these but I paid £40 less than that price at Talbot Green. They also have one of Carls all singing & dancing models with £130 off here it is
  • Thanks for your input guys.  I will bear it in mind for when I do actually win something.   I got it wrong as usual. image(Glad I didn't spend the money before I had it image)
  • Rio - bad luck. image Will keep my fingers crossed your lottery numbers come up this weekend instead! image

    I got a turbo for my birthday - it's not a fancy one but I quite like it. You're welcome to come round and have a go any time you like for comparative purposes. 

    Yesterday I discovered the happy combination of turboing and watching telly - I can't believe it took me so long! And to think I used to turbo in silence looking out of the window......... (we live in a very quiet cul de sac) image

  • Rio how much did you think you won then? Go on do tell, we wont laugh, honest
  • £1000image   But should have known with my luck it was too good to be true.  Only thing I have ever won was two entries to the GNR and when I went there to do it my dog had to be put down!

    Waff I have a few spinervals dvd's which I use when I am on my turbo

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