Sunday dilema

sheds, paint, wood stain ................

My beloved bought me a new shed for my tools and painting stuff (I have a lot of this) with the gardening stuff staying in the old shed.

here's the dilema .................... which shed should I put the garden fence and furniture stains and oils image


  • I know, in the great scheme of things there are far greater concerns, but for me right now  ..................... image
  • Simple, get out there and stain all the garden furniture and fences before the winter, then you'll have used the pots up.   image
  • imageare you my wife in disguise image
  • Yes i am PM, and when you come home from work tomorrow you'll find all your clothes in the new one i bought you!!   image

  • Simple, they are maintenance so they go in the maintenance shed.
  • Guessing Andrew regards the old shed as the maintenance shed.  But tools are also for with that logic they go in new shed. 

    I'd put the garden-related paints/oils in the gardening (old) shed. 

    Actually that's a lie.  I'd get Mr HH to put them in the old shed.

  • You could use the new shed into your own pub with TV. Then you can invite your friends round for drinks every night. Put all tools into the old shed and the garden stuff. Giveaway to your neighbours.

    Problem solved. image

  • Excellent idea, then you can have early fireworks when you tell Mrs PM.
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