Llanelli marathon

hi all

ok then there a new marathon next year down in llanelli who is up for doing this one it could be a PB race if there is no wind.


  • Or if the race organisers cancel the race, don't tell anyone and then you have to get legal advice to get a refund?

    Good luck

  • that was that tri last year wasn't it PO....yes a big mess up there...

    ford man.............is there going to be one or is it just widhful thinking...... if so more details please........is this anything to do with the swansea one that they have been trying to organise

  • Yeh Seren...

    Complete stuff up!!!!

  • hi seren

    it look like this one is a go go .it will be on 4th April 2010

    further information ring 01554 / 758036 or go to human being active 

    they do the 1/2 and the 10k and they are good races

  • Good stuff, been thinking about entering a marathon for my 30th. so I'd be up for this - does it follow the course of the 1/2 marathon?

     Will definitely have a look at that website, thanks FM.

  • Nice 1 FM  i am up for it CC as well may beimage
  • LTS

    i dont know the course but i would think it will be on the 1/2 course.

    BB i had word with some of the club on sunday and the feel is they are up for doing this one.and its only down the road .

  • FM that makes our job a lot easier & i would think it will be well run if it was done by the same people that run the 1/2 & 10kimage
  • FM............its a go then I think a lot of people might be interested........it would be great to have a marathon in south wales
  • seren

    yes it will be good to have a marathon back in s/wales we have lots of clubs down in s/wales so we should have a marathon.

    BB should be a good one and i think we will have a good turn out from our club

  • up 4 this o ne
  • I live 400m from the course and run (parts of it) 3 times a week.

    Agree it is a perfect course for PB's being very flat.

    Spectacular Scenery to boot.

    I'm considering the 1/2 on the course in March but have got to get my first 10k out of the way first.

  • all the best kev with your training and what 10k are you going to do.

    the course is flat but mr wind is allways out down that way

    and i will be doing the 10k and 1/2 down there to .do you run for a club

  • Cheers Ford man - I'm doing the Aberystwyth 10k in December.

    I'm not with a club. Looked at Sospan Road Runners but they meet at 6:00 and I can't get home much before 6:30 when all will be out on runs.

    Can't find other clubs in Llanelli?

  • Kev you thought about 3m Gorseinon rr? We meet every Wednesday mainly @ Penyrheol lc.
  • Looks good Carlin. Will consider that one. My problem is that I work mainly in Cardiff / Newport / Abergavenny areas and don't get away until 5pm so even Penyrheol would be tight to get to by 6pm image
  • To be honest we don't normaly start till about 6.30 /6.40pm. Out of interest, what time you hoping for in the 10k? ( thats if you don't mind me asking)
  • Ford man, I've been told that there's only 300 places for Llanelli, tried ringing the No but can't get an answer over the weekend. You heard anyfink??
  • Might give it a whirl in the New Year Carling - thanks.

    My time for the 10k is somewhat unknown as I still haven't run past 8k (which I did in 55mins). I am presently increasing my LSR by 1k a week.

    So based on that about 70mins? I would like to do it sub 60 but main target is to get around. 

  • Great stuff, good luck with it and I may see you on the cycle track some time.
  • It's Day 1 of my 10week training plan today for this event.

    A nice slow 4 miler on the coastal path for authenticity!!!

  • Hi all, can't access the forum link on 'events' for this anymore - subscriber only apparently.

    Hows everyones training going?

    Have done a couple of training runs in the Llanelli area over christmas - am hoping the course might take in the cycle path near the golf course and new flats that have been built (towards the wetland centre)? Lovely views towards the Gower over the estuary. from here (Was blowing a gale both times though!)

     Probably a really stupid question - but this is my 1st marathon, so bear with me. Will the course have toilets 1/2 way along the course?  Dont think I can hold on for the 5 or so hours without going, and dont fancy diving into the undergrowth!

    Also what do people tend to do with carrying things like car keys, plasters, gels, etc. Best to invest in a small waist bag, do you just carry this / or leave it with a supporter at the 1/2 way point?


     Have a great new year!

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