Those of you who ordered vests in the last order will be delighted to know that I dispatched them this morning (First Class) so they should be with you either tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday. Please let me know if it doesn't arrive by Monday or Tuesday next week.

Please also let me know if you have any problems with sizes, etc. and I will try and sort them out asap. With this is mind, it may be best if you can contain your obvious excitement and open the polythene bag containing your vest CAREFULLY in case it needs to be returned for any reason. I will confess however, that yesterday I ripped mine open like a 5 year old on Christmas morning!!!

You can check that your order has been dispatched by using the 'Check Order' facility on the URWFRC website. For those of you who are special cases (in the nicest possible way!)....

Blue Knees and Little Feat - your vests HAVE been dispatched.

Caz, a L32" is on it's way to you. Try it for size and let me know.

Drew, I need to request a M38" from Wasp as it has turned out there wasn't one for you in the current order (I think a 40" was ordered instead in error). They have spares of these so as soon as I get the cheque book from Lamb, I will send payment to Wasp who will dispatch one straight away - you should have it sometime next week.

On the subject of T-shirts, we are very close to reaching the minimum order. Wasp have said that they are able to accurately project a delivery date for T-shirts so I will check tomorrow with them and see if we can some in time for Windsor. I have to say though that I honestly feel this is unlikely at this stage. The best way you can help me with this is to get your cheques to me as soon as you can so I can send the payment to Wasp promptly.

Phew, think that's everything...enjoy your vests!!!


  • DW,

    From what you've said about the wrong vest-size being ordered for Drew, does that mean you have a spare size 40? If so, can I buy it.

  • Cheers DW. I'll try to remain composed opening the packaging.
  • Neil,

    Sorry mate, unfortunately someone ordered a M40" on the web site yesterday so I have already promised it to them. If they don't want it for any reason, you can have next refusal.

    Let me also check with Wasp as I've a feeling they should have a spare in this size, although their correspondence doesn't suggest this is the case.

  • DW

    Drat. Well let me know. To avoid confusion, I won't order one off the site just for now.

  • DW, you are a complete star. I'll buy you another drink
  • neilruns,

    I have emailed Wasp to check for a spare M40". Will post again when I have their response.

  • Knew I'd forget someone!!! Snoop, yours is on it's way as well.
  • DW..
    I checked the web site and my vest has not been ordered yet .... must just have missed the last one .. so please could I change the size and also order a T-shirt .. I cant get into the order part on the web site as it keeps coming up 'Check Order'.
    Cheers DD
  • Hi Daisy.

    Is the order form at the bottom of the vest's page not visible? If not, then email me your name, address and what you want to order and I'll add it for you.

  • neilruns,

    Checked with Wasp and I'm afraid there are no spare M40"s - sorry about that. Put your order on the website and send a cheque though, as it will soon fill up. There are a lot of kit orders going in at the moment, so it may not be very long before we can place another order.

    Cheers mate,

  • DW,

    I got my vest today ... even though it does say it is not yet despatched. Anyway it fits fine... so I shall just order a T-shirt. I'll give the site another go... Cheers DD
  • Hi Daisy.

    Have only just made the connection between your nickname and your real name. Your order should now be showing that it has been dispatched.

    I am aware that there has been a problem with ordering on the website. I believe this has now been fixed so it should work fine now.

    Tim, will get back to you in a while re. your point. Am just checking the situation now.

  • Hi DW, great it says that mine has been dispatched, so hopefully will get in the next couple of days :)

    I will also look forward to the T-Shirt situation to see when we can hope for these to arrive too.
  • NN,

    Yes, yours is on it's way. T-shirts to be ordered very soon! Watch this space...

  • DW,

    Thanks, I will be glued to the forums in anticipation :)
  • DW, I think I'll order a t-shirt as well (as the vest already on it's way) as it'll be getting colder soon. Is the 38" the smallest they do? Shall I order over the website or will this do?


  • Caz,

    I have actually just posted a new thread about T-shirts, so please refer to that. But, yes, please order on the website. 38" (S) is the smallest they come I believe. If you are after something for the colder weather, you might want to see the thread I am about to post about the long sleeved tops though...

  • Hi DW

    I've just got home from work and my vest arrived today, very nice it looks too.

    I can't find my cheque book at the moment but I'll definitely be sending the money for my T shirt on Monday.

  • Hi DW,

    Excellent, mine was here when I got in also, thanks
  • DW - yup great job - mine has arrived today - looks great and fit is just fine.

    thanks a lot for all your work.
  • Mine is here too. And it fits. I'll be ordering more stuff. Thanks so much for the obvious dedication you are giving to this.

  • DW, got my vest too. Fits well, looks great. I will be sporting this newest acquisition to my sporting wardrobe on Sunday at the Robin Hood (half).
  • What vests? Where are they? Can I get one too?
  • It's OK, I found them
  • Excellent work Lamd and DW. Mine arrived yesterday. Now for something with sleeves..
  • Mine arrived this morning .... roll on Windsor.
    Thanks D.W.
  • thanks DW

    you are a star. great (unpaid) effort like this is what makes this thing tick

  • Cheers DW got mine too on Friday and it fits absolutely fine!

    Thanks very much

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