• *picks up yellow kit and runs away with it*

    That's saved me a few quid...image

  • kittenkat wrote (see)
    fat buddha wrote (see)
    [nods along like the Churchill dog with Jj and Min.....]
    I'm agreeing too.
    Which is kind of the point I am trying to get across on the kit thread at the moment !!!

  • LB said....... Where is the "bullied to death by pirates" box on "how did you hear about us"???

    LB, stop belly aching. Get yourself booked in to a proper race. IM is well within your scope. image
  • Sorry to drag this thread back to the original point, but.....

    I know some of these suggested friends casually, I've never emailed them.  Also the email account I use for Facebook contact is not my main one.

    So how does it know that I have any kind of connection with them?  Or is it just a co-incidence that out of twenty seven people, I have met at least three (through the forum), and that six or more are pirates (and probably on the forum), and others are clearly runners from their pictures?  I think that is so unlikely as to be impossible.

    Are they somehow trawling through RW's data? 

  • Makes you wonder doesn't it Wilkie? I also wonder at the adverts that appear on my Profile Page - they are clearly aimed at what they deem to be "my" demographic - for example, offering me Triathlon goods, or dating agencies for those in their 40's etc. Tis a bit Big Brother - of the George Orwell type, obviously - not the CH 4 type!
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Wilkie - aren't the suggested friends already friends with one of your existing friends? I assumed that was how it worked?

    and surely no one told FF he couldn't wear pirate kit unless he did an IM - if that's the case there are loads of people wearing it 'illegally'
  • I don't thinks, debbo.

    None of my "friends" were anything to do with the forum, at that point.

    However I had a request (which I hadn't seen) from someone who IS on the forum, and seems to be friends with the whole forum (gregarious chap image ), so maybe that was the connection? 

  • Wilkie, do you mean the friend suggestions which appear under the heading 'Requests' at the top of your screen, which has things like....

    2 Friend Requests, 6 Event Invitations, 27 Friend Suggestions, 10 Other Requests

    (This is a fixed list which only goes away if you go in and either accept or ignore each one.)

    If so, these 'friend suggestions' have actually been made by people and haven't been automatically generated by facebook. So, when someone adds a new friend or accepts a friend request, there is an option for them to suggest other friends that person might know.... so you have been suggested as someone these other people (might) know. You can also go into any of your existing fields and suggest them to other people.

    Below the list of 'Requests' on your main screen, there is another heading for 'Suggestions' - This one is automatically generated by FB and will show friends of friends and sometimes pages that friends are a fan of...... So you'll see loads of people in here that you probably have no real connection to, other than one of your friends happens to know them.

  • I get these 'friend suggestions' and they seem to be friends of friends. I've got one friend on there that I knew from Uni, used to be really good friends but lost touch. So I don't know any of his current friends, his partner, his family etc.

    I keep getting these suggestions and they're not coming from him as he knows that I don't know any of them (and the directly recommended ones look different), so I have assumed that FB is seeing the link between myself and my friend and working from there.

  • It was the "suggestions" bit, JF.

    I think I've solved it, as per my post at the top of the page.  I think they were mostly friends of the person who had sent a Friend Request (which I hadn't seen at the time I originally started this thread).

    I rarely go on FB, and can't work out what things are and how to do stuff.  I have some photos on there, so I must have put them on but I can't work out how to put more on!

    I really don't need another thing to occupy my working hours, though......

  • There's also a funny thing when every now and again if someone joins up and we've emailed before, it appears to have saved that data.... which I'm not entirely sure is legal, is it?
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