Cliveden x-country - Dec 28

Cliveden is now open for business.

Just booked my place in this great post-Christmas plod. It sells out pretty quickly usually.

Well worth doing. It's always cold, and there's a famous staircase up the hillside plus very slippery slopes. But it's always a laugh, and a great way to blow away the Xmas over-indulgence. 


  • I've also entered. Hoping it will help motivate me to not go completely off the rails over Christmas. Not looking forward to the hills though.
  • Don't worry Yorkie, it's quite a laid-back affair given the time of year. The well-known hill is actually a series of wide steps. It is steep though, and you go up it twice. It isn't easy, but the race has a great atmosphere, probably because of the time of year.
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