Suitable first half marathon?

Hi - I have only been running about 3 months but have made good progress and now run approx 25k per week and planning to build up.

Have a 10k race lined up for November but would like to do a half marathon in spring - would prefer off road and spotted the Trionium Leith Hill in March

Would like to know if this is too hard for a first half - I'm used to walking hills and willing to put in the hill training - what do you think, should I do a flat road one first?


  • I did Blackpool Half Marathon last year as my first half in 10 years. It's pretty much totally flat and 2 laps. It's not overcrowded and I really enjoyed it, think I'm going to try it again this year.
  • I don't know the Trionium Leith Hill HM, but I do think you have plenty of time to build yourself up to a reasonably hilly HM. I've only been running since Feb and am about to complete my first HM, which I've been training in anger for for the last 3-4 months. I live in a pretty undulating area and can quite happily run a hilly 13 miles now. Just go for it!!!
  • Thanks for the replies.

    ploddinglady - Blackpool is unfortunately a bit far for me -used to go out drinking there years ago when I lived in lancaster.

     Lostkat - thanks for the encouragement, think I should be up to 13 miles in the next couple of months, its the hills that scare me!! Like the cat in your profile pic by the way.

  • Thanks,she's mine. Sadly she's not as angelic as she looks image

    Start working hills into your shorter runs and then your longer ones. In a few months you'll wonder what all the fuss was about as you cross the line of your first HM image

  • Gribbo... I did Rivington Saab Salomon for my first half at the end of September, everyone said I was crazy to do it, but I loved every minute of it and the terrain and the hills (some of them OMGimage) made the 13 miles just fly by. Il be doing it again this year!!!!
  • I say go for it, the challenge of a hard run is what makes you feel so great afterwards.  You have plenty of time to train for it.

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