Your fastest 1 mile time

Do any of you have a PB for 1 mile.
I know I can easily do 5 minutes on my treadmill. (it cannot go any faster sadly.)
But my fastest for 1 mile is 5 minutes, 19 seconds.

Any offers.


  • Not very- about 8mins on a treadmill!image
  • Hey moomoo. 8mins on a treddie can be hard work.

    I will stick a add-on question. Which is easier. 1 mile on a treadmill or 1 mile outside?

  • I think a lot depends on the accuracy of the treadmill. There seems to be about a 10% discrepancy on speeds between the gyms I go to.
  • There is a steepish hill near where I live, and its over a mile in length...break world records going down there..image

    On the flat, Ive done 5:11.

  • 5:20 -years ago and just a mile
  • I'm a lot slower outdoors!
  • Okay, just an incy wincy bit behind the rest of you. 8.01, ironically last month after the osteo told me to take it easy and not to race at Grunty Fen.  I was good though, went "eeek" when I realised I'g got totally carried away by the atmosphere, and slowed down after that.

    Still chuffed thoughimage

    I can't do treddie running, it's too hot, too boring, and the music in our gym just makes me want to fall off the back of the treadmill and out of the door!

  • 5:34 in a solo time trial
  • I did it in 3:30 after suffering a stress fracture and being afflicted by shin splints.....and I was running into a gale force wind....
  • 4 43   track  race            19 90
  • Wrong post

  • 7:21 last week.........

    same as Hashette for the treadmill

  • I normally run around 11 minute miles (maybe 10 mm on a good day) but managed 2 x 8 minute miles once - for a very good reason.  I was out on a 4 mile out and back run and when I got out the two miles I realised it was getting really, really dark and I was 2 miles out a country lane.  I got really scared and hared it back in 16 minutes!!  I never attempted it again! image
  • 5:41

  • A treadmill should always be easier since its always working at a nice consistent pace, so you dont have to think about the pace.


    But on the down side, like at the gym Im at, it can take a good 30 seconds to get up to speed ........ so do you start the count once its got up to that speed or from the very start, because if you go from the very start, then youve got a good 20 to 30 seconds to somehow make up, so not very accurate to record your actual mile race.


  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    4.34 on the track  aged 40. only ever raced that distance once.  

    i think its one of those distances that everyone should try and should be on more open meets.


  • Fast bugger, Dean. image

    A shade under a rather more modest 5:41 for me on what was also my first time out at the age of 42 and after just over 9 months of running. Enjoyed it though, followed it up by nipping under 5:13 for 1500m last week, and hope to take a fair chunk off both next season with a first full winter's training under my belt.

    I think middle distance might well be my focus next summer in fact, if I can find the right races to target.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    4:52 in a relay race in Battersea Park last year.  I've never done a track mile, couldn't see me challenging Dean but could maybe get down to about 4:40 without specific MD training.  I'm hoping to have a much better track season next year (but concentrating on 5,000m), so could be a good time to give it a crack.

  • My club runs two mile races each year, one on the track, one on Wimbledon Common. In the former I managed 5.59 at age 48, which I don't think was too shabby. Funny old distance. Few people are used to running such a short 'long' distance, and it's hard to know how to pace yourself. You can't go flat out, but it's obviously much faster than your 5k pace, say. On the track, the third lap is the hardest because you're moving into exhaustion territory but there's still a lap to go....

  • Very funny distance. Did 4.35 a couple of years ago on the track, then did the Westminster mile this year and did 4.48. The bizarre thing is that you are so conditioned to running fast on a track, that you don't realise the speed you are going - if that makes sense.

    But on the road, you feel that you are really going for it at the start, but really, you are down on your time you would run on a track and running slightly easier. The group I was with seemed to do a collective 'oh s***e' when we passed the 800m mark at Westminster image

    Great event though - for once you could warm up right up to when the race was due to go off.

  • Yawn.

    A post designed to go 'hey look at my time'. Does anyone really care what time I can run a mile in. I mean, really? I could just make it up to make me look really fast/slow and then you wouldnt know any different.....

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Go on then.

  • 5:45    

    In an open race at Iffley road running track.  

    Sir Roger said Well done to me afterwards.   I felt like a champion.image 

  • Never raced one - wish I had now because I'll never get anywhere near what I might have done a few years ago.   Used to do mile intervals on an old imperial running track though and at my best I would do a set of 4 (with 800 jogged recoveries) in about 5.30s-5.45s and the fastest I did as part of a set was 5.18 so that would be my pb I suppose.     

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