Just a quick question I was hoping someone could answer... I am going to suscribe to RW by Direct Debit.... however the form only states the full price... does this sum come off in 1 sole debit or is it instalments? Sorry if this is a daft question!!


  • Mine is one debit each year.

  • Thanks Kryten! Therefore the price for 36 issues (3years) should be 1/3 of this each year. Thanks again!
  • Ummm, not sure sorry, I only originally subscribed for 12 issues. I think that if you go for 36 issues you will have to pay the whole lot up front.
  • hmmm, ok Kryten bit of an outlay but I suppose thats it all paid!
  • evening tri-chick glad to see you got back safe ,pics good that loa posted on gallery . my home town is Kircaldy it could be arranged that I join you on that also.
  • use tesco clubcard vouchers to pay for it, its loads and loads cheaper
  • Iused to subscribe to RW but feel it is very repetitive I keep the copys and when I plan a new program sure enough its there so I would say subscribe for a year but no more sorry RW
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