Renault Scenic dash board.

Just been into Renault  this morning  after watching Watchdog last night and after charging me £500 in july for a new dashboard on my 2004 Scenic they have  agreed its a big problem on 2004 -2005 models and will only be charging £100 to change them from now on and will refund anyone who has already paid. So thats £400 coming back from a main dealer, cant be bad.


  • TR - I have one of those cars and didn't catch watchdog - what was the problem with your dashboard (mine currently keeps showing me the serv and airbag light, on and off but the local garage says there ins't a problem) and what we're they saying on the programme?

    Cheers image

  • My dashboard like all the people on the program had the same problem it just went off , could see no speed,revs, petrol ect .

    Have a look online at last nights programme  , hope that helps.

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