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Thinking of coming up to London on the 28th Nov to watch a football match & also pop over to Olympia for the running show.Is this a annual event & if so is it worth a visit, or is it just the same as the VLM expo?


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  • Never even heard of it ?

    Any links ?

    If you're doing VLM - I'd prob not bother with this.
  • It's a new event. Organised by the same people who do the annual Triathlon show down in Sandown Park. The tri show's usually pretty good so hopefully this will be too. RW are doing a BOGOF offer on tickets apparently - didn't know that till I'd bought mine! £9 in advance or £12 on the day. Will try and dig out the web link for you Cougie.
  • Ta Kazaaaah !

    Seems cut down version of the Expo ? No Adidas, Nike, Saucony, Lucozade ?

    As the expo is free - I dont think I'd pay for this. And anyway I'm 200 miles away. image
  • I doubt I'd travel far tbh but it's only t'other side of London for me

  • Boing for FF !
  • Top man, thank you
  • As RW are going to be there how about some discounted tickets for those of us that subscibe to the magazine, come on RW towers share the love!  image
  • FF, RW are doing a BOGOF offer as I mentioned earlier.  I've not had the email yet but have seen it in my boss's inbox.  Will get the link/code for you later
  • Just had another read.  You need to subscribe to RW's regular emails.  Alternatively msg me and I'll see if I can forward the email to you - that should work.

    Two for One Ticket OfferRunner's World has teamed up with the London Running Show organisers to offer two tickets for the price of one. Buy one ticket in advance at or when you arrive at the show. Print and hand a copy of this email to show reception and collect your second ticket free!

  • I fancy going but i can't see it being any different/better than the expo. After all, i think the expo covers just about everything on running (& it's free) but for £9.00 it still might be worth a visit.
  • I'll be there...

     Hope I won't get flamed for the plug:

    Free consultations at the Running Show 

    We're all thinking about improving our training and race day performance, but just how do you do it?

    We've all probably gone through extreme diets, bizarre warm up routines and bought expensive equipment to no real effect.

    But, your luck is in if you're off to the Running Show at Olympia in London.Dr Garry Palmer will be on hand for 15-minute sessions, where you can put your questions and issues to the expert. He's the man behind Sportstest, a leading scientific coaching and testing company.

    The Doc was asked to see what sort of things he regularly helps people with, to improve their performance."I'm going to be offering a Q&A.  Pre-booked visitors will come to me with your issue, and I will try to give you a solution.

    The kind of examples I get are:

    'This is how much time I have in the week, what are my ideal training sessions?

    I was thinking about buying a GPS watch, but they are pretty costly, how will it help me out?

    How on earth do I shift my body fat...I don’t seem to be eating anything as it is...and I just can't shift it?

    These are the events I am planning to do, how do I best structure my year?'

    Due to time constraints, I won't be able to test, but I can offer a coaching and nutritional consultation during the session," said Palmer.

    You can contact Sportstest to book your session, by clicking here.

    Runners will also be able to purchase a copy of Dr Garry Palmer's signed book, [b]Elite Performance: Running[/b]

    Sportstest™ are committed to providing you with the latest scientific methods of assessing your fitness, and devising bespoke training advice, and as always, offering outstanding personal service. Whatever you sport, whatever your ability, book your Sportstest™ now, and watch your performance improve!

    The Running Show runs at Olympia, London from 28th-29th November 2009. 

    Hope to see you there


  • Hi

    Can anyone forward me a copy of the BOGOF deal for the running show?  I have deleted mine by mistake and would love to be able to take my partner with me.


    Thanks guys image 

  • If you haven't already been , don't bother.

    I feel fleeced paying £18 for my wife and myself to visit.

    Apart from Midgie Thompson's seminar which my wife wanted to see the rest took all of 15 minutes to look at.

  • It was a lot smaller than I'd have liked.  That said, I still spent a small fortune so probably a good thing!
  • I enjoyed the show yesterday.  Agree it was small(probably not worth £9 - more like a fiver) but there was some good stuff there.  "Luckily" for me there was no cash point so I couldn't overspend.  Would love one of those running skirts and might buy one online after Christmas.   
  • I've been wanting one of those for ages and now have one image

  • They are great aren't they!  I thought £49 was a bit expensive so didn't buy one and regret it now.  Tried one on - really comfy.
  • They are.  I've been looking at the website for ages as know quite a few people who rave about them but didn't want to spend that sort of money without checking out the sizes.  Was very tempted to get a cammo one as well as a plain one but resisted the temptation!
  • Was not impressed with the show at all and felt ripped off too by the entrance fee.
  • Agree £9 was a rip off - took all of 5 mins to look around.  Some of the seminars were OK but didn't really tell you anything new.  The 'improve your running technique' session on Sunday was basically just an advert for the Running School.  Luckily I live pretty close - would have been sorely disappointed if I'd made the effort to travel a long distance!
  • How did it compare to the London Marathon expo?
  • Really poor show I thought. I was in and out within 20mins with no really good in-show offers on kit - I could have bought all the kit online for similar prices or less. Will not be going back again.

     I did like the Sci-Fi Collectors Show next door though - a right bunch of 'fruit bats', grown men dressed as clingons, ghostbusters and Stargate soldiers. Classic! 

  • I thought it was pure rubbish too.  Will wait for the Expo next time.  Maybe would have felt better if it hadn't been held in the basement!
  • running show not even worth printing off the BOGOF voucher

    let hope the TCR in feb does not go the same way.

    do we really need the ruuning show as TCR covers it all and more

    poor show from the organisers

  • Why pay for this when expo is bigger and free ?
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