So what's with the distance?

Why the distance?
Anyone here who is a sprinter? Short distance runner?

I do the distance simply because I love it! And I am crap at running fast but I feel strong going long.
My ultimate dream is to do ultras. I think because it's mind work as well as physical work. Feels like there's more to it. But I'm far from it at the minute. Just concentrating on halves for next few months. Then back to full ones. Then we'll see.

What's your reason?


  • I do the longer distances because its more of a test, its better from a weight control and overall fitness perspective and its easier to get involved with.

    That said if I look back to school days I was a pretty tidy sprinter but had no aptitude or interest in anything over 400m.  Judging from race finishes I suspect I'd still have a far better WAVA figure for 60/100/200m (if they do them) than for longer distances.

  • I did a test the other week that said I was probably a halfer. Ironically my most impressive PB (admittedly set 20+ years ago) is a mile!

    I like marathon because most people can't do them and I like that look of "my god you're mental" in their eyes.image

  • my shortest race is 60 meters my longest 24 hour 118 mile my best distance 100kimage
  • So you're a one trick pony then BB? imageimage
  • Since first week of September I've done 3 marathons, a 100m, a 400m and a mile.  Should have been a 30 in there too but pulled out at half-way. A half tomoz and marathons in the two following weeks, then a 10k and 10 mile to finish.

    S'pose that, and the other races this year, sort of tips me towards being a longer distance runner (or waddler as it more realistically is at the mo)!  imageimage

  • I didn't mean to be a long distance runner....image

    I married one and got sucked inimage

  • Before recently i've always just done a couple of miles every now and then but now in training for a HM with the intention to moving up to a FM later next year/early 2011.image

    I do find it more of a challenge for the longer runs (mental aswell as physical as already said) and enjoy the sense of achievement and fitness!! As LB said the look of "You're off your head" is quite good too!!image

  • LB yes mate i am imageyou got to do short racers to get your longer 1 s fasterimage
  • 3000ms was my distance followed by 5000ms. My 200ms weren't too bad, maonly because of the amount of 200 reps I did in training.

    I've done a couple of tidy marathonsand halfs though. Which I enjoyed but 3000m and 5000m is where I had most success. I think I might still be in the UK top 20 for 3k, just.

  • I do half marathons because Im away from my family for longerimage.

    Moving up to full marathons shortly, so what does that say about my marriage?

    Actually that it rocks, but then I think men like independant, fit woman, who get out and do stuff for themselves.

  • Opposite to you Elli - I'm faster over shorter distances, but don't have a great deal of stamina. When I do 'race' (which is rarely!) HMs are my preferred distance, though my all-time best PB is over a 10K. I would like to do an FM, but I need to build up very slowly.

    I enjoy running HMs because I like the challenge of pacing myself, tuning in to what my body's telling me and dutifully ignoring it image

  • It's the distance that makes it.

    I did a 10k the other day and ok - I went a bit faster than usual because of the distance - but at the end I felt "was that it?"  It was, like, blink & you'll miss it!

    Beachy Head in a couple of weeks, so off for a nice long slow plod in a while image

  • Anything from 3K to 100 miles. favourite used to be Marathons these days its 10K's the perfect combination of speed and endurance, still train so as to be fit for marathons but with more emphasis on the speedwork side.
  • I'm a half runner myself - the trade off between endurance and speed. I find I can keep a hard pace for a good number of miles, and I tend to focus on tempo side of running. Having said that, I've done 100m, 1500m, 1 Mile, 3k, 5k, 10k and I've signed up for the Kilomaton next October image
  • 10k's my fav, but alos like Halfs.. Not gone in for the Mara yet. One day
  • I did 14 miles this morning and get called "mental" and a "nutter" image

    THAT'S why I do it....image

  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)

    I did 14 miles this morning and get called "mental" and a "nutter" image

    THAT'S why I do it....image

    Feels good eh? image
  • It does when you tell them that's just over halfway! image
  • It is quite fun when people at work say to me 'I suppose you're doing another marathon this weekend?' and the answer is 'yes' image
  • But you can't half slow twitch for a long time KK......image
  • Your slow twitch is a lot faster than mine kk!!
  • The thing to do after a full road marathon is a LDWA event - a 26 mile XC , less pressure than the road marathons and less stress on the legs as the varying terrian and climbing stiles means the leg muscles get used differently.

    I did this and haven't lookws back - I've done ultras and marathons, give me an XC 30 miler anytime. Doyen of the Downs 30 is a great one to start with.
  • Mike I did Tanners 30 this year - not a LDWA event but similar.  Nice to be more relaxed although map reading is not my forte!!
  • Trained specifically for halfs as I've never really had the outright speed for sprinting. At the end of a half you feel physically tired but it also saps you mentally as well which gives a good feeling of accomplishment.

    I also enjoy the 10k distance as well though because its a punishing test if you run hard and gives me more of an adrenaline rush. My body struggles to deal with alot of speedwork as I tend to get more an more niggles, I'm at my limit in training for halfs (pb 1h37m30s) and 10ks, anything quicker would mean I get injured. Running a 10k tomorrow with a dodgy groin and shin, but with experience of longer distances I know I can run through the pain. Then its time for a rest. image

  • u -kaz - I did the Ponton Plod 27 a few weeks ago and turned right instead of left at 24 miles even with a good set of notes, I ended up doing 35.5 miles in the end!

    I had to re trace my steps after finding my way back to a previous checkpoint - when I found where I went wrong there was a sign I had missed as well! What a clutz! great fun though and lovely weather in the countryside - I saw 2 Stoats! rare to see one on it's own!
  • LIVERBIRD wrote (see)

    I did a test the other week that said I was probably a halfer. Ironically my most impressive PB (admittedly set 20+ years ago) is a mile!

    I like marathon because most people can't do them and I like that look of "my god you're mental" in their eyes.image

    What test?
  • my favourite distances is 200 metres, but i've run 2 marathons and lots of distances in between.

    I'm best at 100 or 200 metres and even that isn't brill, I was a 400 and 800m runner at school. The only reason I got to run the 800 was because nobody else wanted to do it.

    I'm more of an enthusiasic rather than talented runner!

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