Marshman +

Details are now up about the Marshman -

Extra races this year including a longer version - 2.6k/130k/30k

I enjoyed the half last year, so will probably go for the Marshman +, just got to wait for the website to work image


  • probably do one of them Alan - will check the site later to see what they're offering - the 3/4 may be interesting but not if the weather's the same as this year!!

  • Is the site down?
  • If the weather is the same I think I'll be more prepared for it this time.  It was horrendous though!
  • It has been since yesterday when I found out it had been announced Andrew.  Hopefully it will be back up tomorrow.
  • Ahh, frozen water!
  • Oops I should do this having pulled out last year but have already signed up for a mara this day :-/
  • thought the date rang a bell !
  • I must be getting better, normally I wouldve just entered and then realised later....
  • Boing!

    Erm, ok, have just realised this is actually really soon - somehow I thought I had longer until May....

    So who's doing this?

    Anyone have any knowledge about the course they'd like to pass on? image

    I'm doing the Marshman, not the Marshman+ which means I might just about not be the last person home. Maybe.

  • I only know that the organiser is lovely cos he gave me my money back last year when I couldnt do it.

    Not sure if that helps at all..............

    FB and Petal did it.

  • "FB and Petal did it."

    and doing it again...... image

    Ditchy - PM me and I'll pass info on as i'm off now.....
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