How to Run a Marathon

I have created a short video guide on how to run a marathon...

I hope you enjoy, please feel free to pass it around if you like it, ta! image


  • Very funny, loved the bit about drinking in the shower!

    Well done and good luck

  • Fab- thanks for the tips !! I'm off to buy a bumper bag of pasta.....
  • Love it!
  • Should have watched this before I started........... great fun..
  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    Just signed up for Lochaber - thanks for reminding me how much pasta will make me want to howff by the time I reach marathon day!!! Good luck.
  • image eww pasta

    I used to like pasta

  • Loved the video Pete. I too am running for charity. Let's hope I have some very generous sponsors!! Good luck and see you on race day!!!
  • Thanks for the kind comments guys, if you want to keep up with my future videos I think this link will let you subscribe.

    Similarly if anyone else is making a marathon training video blog, I want to see it! image

  • Ok, rather than spam the forum each time I make a new video during training, I've set up a blog where I'll post each new video as I make them. The site is - you can subscribe to the RSS feed or bookmark it, all of my new stuff will go there image
  • Laughing my head off at the shower scene. Well done Pete!! Will follow the blog.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Brillian Pete!  Can I put the link on our running club facebook?

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