Base Layers - Anyone else struggle with these???

I have just bought a champion base layer for extra insulation as the winter approaches.

However, I have worn it for a couple of runs (10k & 6.5k) and found it quite tough to breath properly when tiring (before anyone says it, I am sure I have bought the right size)  I have taken a couple of views on this:

1) Bin it as it isn't doing me any good....

2) Keep going with it, on the basis that it will help strengthen my breathing so when I race & don't wear the under layer the theory is that I will find it easier...

Just wondered if anyone had any views?image

Thanks for looking.


  • Can't see its the under layer if it is the right size. I have some nike kit - can't say I have noticed it being any harder to breathe. Are you imagining it ? Or maybe there's another problem with your breathing ?
  • Are you running in a corset?

    I've a falke baselayer that's tiny but stretchy when on... doesn't affect my breathing though.

    Maybe like your name you're setting off too quick?

  • Agreed, I have a couple of Nike tops that fit like a second skin but I've never had a problem breathing in them.
  • As the others say, I reckon that you're starting too fast.

    If you want to check whether the top has anything to do with it, why not slow down/walk for a bit, check your breathing/ HR and see how you feel.  If you feel OK then it's more likely to do with your pace than your clothes.

    Also, unless you're really in the frozen north, I wouldn't imagine that you'd need one for a bit - so maybe leave it at home for the next few weeks, improve your running and then see how you get on.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys.

    To be honest, I don't think it's a setting off too quick issue as I have learnt my lesson over the years.  I am a 1:30 Half Marathon / 40 Min 10k runner and tonight ran 6.5k at an easy 28 Mins, I finished feeling quite constricted.

    I think when I said "found it quite tough to breath properly when tiring" I guess I meant that it felt constricting and that I had to work harder.

    It may be that I have gone for a JJB's own brand, where as other posters have referred to more expensive versions, that's just me being a skinflint!!!!

    Might just be me but the weather here today has been miserable, damp and cold (for me anyway) maybe I should just persevere and see if I get used to the feel of it.

  • Some ppl just don't get on with tight fitting tops. Mr S cannot stand anything clingy; all his tops are loose style.

    I don't like tops with tight necklines, feel like I'm being choked.

    So I get where you're coming from.  Go for comfort image

  • Don't suppose you're coming down with a chest infection?
  • Think you might be right Siance, will persevere for now, maybe I will get used to it.

    Bol Sauce - Hope not, feel fine otherwise - 'touch wood' - Famous last words and all that!!!

  • Well, go have a glass of hot milk & an early night, just in case. x
  • Think I might just do that image

    Oh dear, just noticed I have sneezed 3 times in the last hour, Man Flu must be descending, that's it no work tomorrow, I am officially ill.....

  • Mr CS has a Skins top and he says he prefers running in that as it seems to help rather than hinder his breathing...  Everyone is different though. 

    *hands SetOffTooQuick a hot toddy*  There, that should make you feel better. image

  • When i first got my skins compression top which i use as a base layer i found it strange at first, it felt like it changed my posture ever so slightly so my shoulders were slightly further back so i wasnt as hunched over but as if i was standing to attention.

    I did notice it was strange to breathe at first, it wasnt harder it just felt slightly constricting, but then after a few runs of wearing it, i went on a run without it and just didnt feel as good. I dont know if its psychological but i much prefer wearing a compression top now.

     So maybe your just not used to sensation of having something so close to your skin and feeling slightly tight?

  • Interesting question. I've just bought one of these to go under my adidas jacket. On first trying it on I thought I had bought the wrong size and like you I have a feeling its constricting me a bit in my movement. But I've never worn anything like it before, whether that be on top or legs. I've only ran 3 times in it so far and on each run there is definately a different feeling when running. I'm going to persevere with it a few more times and make a judgement later.
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