New York 2002

I'm running New York in November and want to know whether or not to carry any water. Does anyone know how frequent the water stations are? Thanks


  • Jon

    If you take a look at the New York road runners web site it will tell you all you need to know about the marathon
  • 5 years since i ran NY but i recall that there were water stations every mile and "gatorade" every 3 miles or so.
    There was also a powerjel handout on the long trek up 1st avenue, somewhere between 15 and 18m. Although, i find that stuff pretty unpalatable at that stage of the run!
    good luck
  • Thanks. I had a look on nyrrc. They have water every mile and gatorade every other mile. Plus, as you said Eamonn, PowerGel at 18.5 miles. Seems like I don't need to carry anything with me.
  • Jon,
    I got my runners booklet through yesterday and it details all of this. Basically water is available every mile after mile 3 (I think). Therre are other distances for gatorade and also power gels and these are also detailed.

    Good luck for NY
  • I was warned not to accept anything but drinks from official stations as anything handed out by innocent looking locals is likely to be spiked! don't believe a word of it. Enjoy NY. For me it was a running experience yet to be surpassed.
  • Hi Jon & Keith

    I was fortunate enough to run NY last year, it is an absolute fantastic experience and im sure you'll love every moment.

    The support is out of this world, will never forget the 10 deep support after coming over Brookyln Bridge, Frank Sinatra "New York, New York" blareing out at you, all the high fives and shouts of awesome - not even my mother has gone that far!!

    I'm jealous as hell - enjoy it.
  • Be sure to read the NY thread on the UFRC forum.

  • Shin splints - I fear you took a different route than the rest of us if you went over the Brooklyn Bridge!
  • Maybe that explians the time i got? Can't understand why they where 10 deep supportors waiting there though.

    Youre right it's not Brooklyn, bet you know which one i mean though!!
  • It's Queensboro' itsn't it?
  • The big question though to they take the tops off incase you choke?
  • I guess you are talking about the tops off the drinks and not the women!!

    They give it you in cups. You'd have a bit of a job choking on the cup - but then again it is America and you do get some rather large people out there..
  • If I choke on a cup I could sue for millions. Great idea. Thanks
  • Run in Union Jack shorts if you can - you will probably look like a really plonker but the crowd will love you for it and scream your name out. Make sure you have your name printed on your vest.

    Afterwards you'll also get the usual set of questions like do you know the queen etc...
  • Anyone know of a good pair of running shorts in Union Jack colours?
  • Jon - you can get them actually printed with union jacks. There was a bloke there last year in a UJ vest too - no mistaking where he came from. Incidentally the gatorade is a disgustingly sweet lemon/lime flavour.

    Do read the NY thread on the URWC forum (hint)

  • You can get them from Bourne Sports see the RW link.
    Well worth it, you really won't regret it.
    Wouldnt recommend it in many other places in the World e.g. the Iraq marathon.

    Also wear them for the International Friendship run.
  • Scuse my ignorance but what is the URWC forum?
  • i believe URWC refers to the Unofficial Forum Running Club forum, where they are discussing NY as well.
  • Jon

    The URWFRC was started just after the FLM2002 ,

    Check out the website

    I have a meet a few other members at various meeting and there is alot of us runnung in NY , we are trying to arrange a meet whilst we are out there.

  • I'm collating details of the forumites running in NYC, so e-mail me from the forum if you want to be on the list. The info. I'm getting together is what you would choose to provide from the following:

    forum name
    real name
    dates of travel
    flight details (airline/airport)
    Est. marathon finish time
    Tour operator (if applicable)
    Charity (if applicable)

    this is just so we can keep up with who's doing what and to try to use the information to arrange an appropriate meeting place in NY.
  • Oldbones,

    At my last count,seven of us are running Windsor so hopefully we can thrash out some ideas when we meet up after.

    Seaweed,Pizza man, Tea and Toast man, Waapster, Romford runner and Keith Every make sure you get to the pub which Nattynoodle is arranging. ( see WINDSOR THREAD ).
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