plodders of the world unite

hi all,i can manage 10 min.miling on agood day.5 months ago joined a club who assured me i was welcome to join,they accomodated all speeds of runner etc,for the past two weeks i have ended up watching the whole of the club dissapear into the distance as i struggle to keep up!!!. Should i stick with them or find another club? Has anyone else similar experiences, is there any club in the birmingham area who will have me??


  • And this from the woman who has done HOW many PBS???????

    tell your club to f-- off

    I suppose you are too far form kingswinford then
  • Bham SnailBham Snail ✭✭✭
    Hi Hippo

    Would love to run with DK but could not make the mid week runs but would they let us join them in the Sunday runs. (PS this thread was started by someone loging on as me!! He is getting fed up with having to run with me every day and can not wait to palm me off on to someone else:) )

    How are the legs after your PB on Sunday!!

    Are there any DK menbers out there that could advise us on this.
  • Ok Denise
    I will e mail them
    And the stourbridge club too
    Ill do it tomorrow
  • Bham SnailBham Snail ✭✭✭
    Thanks Hippo

    Have come down with my first cold for 6 years this week, a little pi**ed off as can not run at mo :(

    Off to bed now early start tomorrow.
  • Sleep well
    Ill E mail when i have some news
    Maybe we can do some midweek ones together, when im not on call, but u are faster than me!
  • Bham SnailBham Snail ✭✭✭
    Is red wine good for colds, if so who many bottles dose it take ;/ ?
  • 3
    Then you dont care:)))))))
    or try hot lemon, honey and Whisky
  • Birmingham Snail - I remember seeing you at 18 miles at FLM - an honour. You are a great peep and deserve a great club.
  • She does meer
    They dont appreciate her
    And shes done at least 2 PBs in a week
  • Hmm. These clubs don't deserve her. She is one hell of a peep.
  • this is why im hesitant about joining a club
    though lots of the DK lot were slower than me at the race
  • Bham SnailBham Snail ✭✭✭
    Thanks meerkat, would like to have joined DK for mid week runs but it's to far to get to after work. From what I've heard they sound a great club to join and they look after their plodders.
  • I've seen some Dudley Womens runners at a race. They all looked relatively normal and nice. Good t-shirts too! They could be worth a look, but can't remember the exact name. Doh!
  • BS go find another club, I'm slower than you and my club don't leave me behind on my own.
  • Planning on joining a Club next week if all well at weekend with running.

    Scary.... especially if they run like whippets.
  • Just joined a club, Kingston SRy, and they have a plodding night, and its just great. Must say my greatest fear is them all pissing off without me, hope you find a good one.
  • I had quite a bad experience with the first (and only) club I tried to join and as there are no others in the area then I'm thinking of starting my own, or at least a plodding group even if we won't be able to call ourselves a 'running' club. Has anyone got any good suggestions for recruiting plodders? I will put a notice in the window of the local post-office but apart from that I don't really know how to advertise it. Any ideas appreciated....
  • Bham SnailBham Snail ✭✭✭
    Thanks everyone, have now decided not to go back and to look for one that like plodders.
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