Flying Fox 10

Hi is any one doing this race, we have entered already.


  • Last of the NSRRA races, are you up for a good last race Mugpunter.

    I'm hoping to have my hip/leg in better shape for this race after Congleton Half disaster image

  • Yes i'm up for this one BS

    I even entered yesterdayimage

    Good race this one with quite an incline at the 6 mile mark

  • I have entered this. Not done this before. Could anyone give a comparison to the Trentham 10 course? image
  • I would say it flatter than the trentham 10 but theres a hill at around 6 miles.

    Race is run mainly on quiet country lanes

  • Not as bad as the one at Tentham I hope? image
  • Mugpunter did you do it the year the road was flooded, and we were running up to our knees in the water off the fields?  Now that was fun.

  • Just found out our number have arrived today. image
  • Ive done this race for the last two years BS

    Cant remember any flooding though

    Ive got to pick my number up on the day

  • Hmmm, so there posting some numbers out and making others, like me collect on the day. Thats Stone Master Marathoners for you image
  • Mugpunter the flood was in 2005.
  • WeVWeV ✭✭✭
    What is the latest you can enter this? Wouldn't mind giving it a go but poorly at the moment.
  • Probably on the day, unless it fills up before
  • B'ham Snail wrote (see)
    Mugpunter the flood was in 2005.

    No thats well before my time

    I only started running at the start of 2007image

  • Weather not looking to good for Sunday, my poor hair...I'll have to find a hat out.
  • WeVWeV ✭✭✭
    I definitely can't do it. Body isn't ready and the OH is working anyway so I have the kids to look after (and no car).
  • I ran part of the route last weekend and there were parts with large puddles so lets hope we dont have any rain or we'll need flippersimage
  • Anyone else find it tough?image
  • Mugpunter, how do you feel now you have completed all 20 NSRRA races? 

    I supose you can be forgiven for walking at just before the 9 mile marker image after completing all 20 races.

  • image Yes Bryan caught me walking(and told my wife!)image

     Dont think i'll ever attempt all 20 again but we'll see.

    Well done in finishing third in your group

  • Thank you mugpunter, I cannot believe it, it has been such a bad year this year, so I was surprised to find out that I'd finished so near the top of my group.  It's all thanks to my fantastic coach, she got me through everything this year, thank you Ann image
  • Also a big thank you to Bryan Dale for the photo' s.

    Photo's and results are now on Bryan's website

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