Strength training and ITBS

Firstly can I apologise, I know there's probably been a milliion threads on ITBS but wanted to explain my situation and get some direct advice if poss.

The more I've got into my running the more I've realised that I enjoy the longer race so I've been entering a lot of 10 mile+ races both xc and road. However, a couple of weeks ago I did a very hilly 13 mile cross country race. After the race and the following day the outside of my right knee was agony.  Since then I've not trained although I did play football last week which aggrevated it a bit.

Yesterday I took part in the Henly half marathon.  I could feel my right knee giving me a bit of jip fairly soon into the race but at about 8 mile in there is a big hill about a mile long.  This is where it really started to hurt. Today I can barely walk, let alone get in and out of a shower or car. The pain seems to have crept up the side of my leg too so, quite frankly, I want to chop my leg off.

Initially I thought that I could be wearing the wrong shoe and that maybe I am an over? pronator but I eventually got round to getting a gait test Saturday before the race. It turns out that I don't particularly over pronateand was advised to get a structure shoe for longer races.  What the guy at Sweat Shop did say was that my right leg was quite a bit weaker and less flexible than the left.

This is basically the long way of asking:  If I did some strength training at the gym on my right leg, would it help cure the ITBS?

I've been advised (by another ITBS sufferer) to have a month off but I'm a stubborn sod (hence why I didn't quit the race when it hurt) and want to get a good time in a half marathon in 3 weeks time and then Hellrunner a couple of weeks after.  They also suggested afoam roller - Does this actually help?

Thanks for any advice in advance



  • i CBA to read all your thread.

    If you goto a gym use the abductor machine (for the outside of your thighs) all accounts you are more likely to suffer ITBS if you have weak abductors (or so i read once upon a time)

    If you google causes of ITBS im sure if you read you'll find something.

    However, you also need ot stretch, and possibly find out what is casuing it in the 1st place

  • ..oh yeah and foam rollers are v useful
  • Personally I found that strength training doesn't make any difference to ITBS.

    Get a foam roller (I tried a rolling pin, foam roller def better) and keep rolling, and keep rolling and keep stretching and stretching.

    I notice it when I am lax and don't do it.

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