Thursday 15th May

What - early morning swim then gym including a run onthe treadmill.


  • Me nowt, have trained hard over the last 9 days, will have a rest day, even though im at Chessington ot thorpe park all day!

    Have a good day folks.
  • Missed a cycling session on Wednesday but also need to run in preparation for Sunday's 10k. So plan to run in the morning and cycle in the afternoon.
  • Morning.

    What: 5 easy am, pm run to club (4.2) then club run (about 8). Will try to push club run.

    Last hard: speedwork last night (cut short)
    Last rest: 13 days ago.
  • I wondered where you'd got to PB welcome back.

    What: am 4M Done. nice & sunny if a little cold. Out in the countryside which is lovely & green at the moment.
    pm 8M steady.

    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last rest: Sat
  • Morning all.

    What: 3.2 mile plod with the hubby, to prove to him that I can do it.
    Last run: Tuesday
    Last Rest: Yesterday.
  • Just done 3 miles
    Then ive got to walk a similar distance to get to Kidderminster
  • bon journo...

    what: swim later
    why : bit stiff from last night's run
    last hard : yesterday
    last rest : tues


  • Morning all and nice and sunny it is too here.

    First a little report from last night's 10k. Had a very good run on a flat out and back course in fair conditions. Some said it was the worst headwind they'd experienced on this course, but I have to admit I didn't really think it was that bad.

    First half reached in 21.25, a bit worried at this stage as I was way off getting my pb. Speeded up in the second half and had to work a little harder, especially for the final 2k, when I felt quite uncomfortable. Finished with a pb of 42.07 (9 secs) very pleased with that. I'm still learning to not be scared to commit from the gun! I'll have 41 mins by the end of the year! I have the strength to hang on, just need to get a bit more speed.

    I think I finished 9th woman, which I was not disappointed with as 3 of them were under 40 mins. Plus I got first lady in my club, meaning 30 points! And I'm lying 4th in the County.

    Today I'm off for a swim as it acts as a sort of massage and I've got another 12k multi terrain race on Sunday. It's all good fun.

    Have a nice day!
  • Good morning,

    what : tonight 10k hilly
    why : need to improve running on hills....
  • that's brilliant Hilly, Well Done :)
  • Hilly - fantastic result well done!

    For me today:

    Long run and good old natter with best friend so VERY steady pace so we can catch up on all gossip! 10-14 miles, decide as we go

    Why - beautiful day, its planned in, and nice to do without a care in the world about how long it takes!!

    Last rest - Monday
    Last hard - Sunday half mara race

    Have great day all
  • Well done hilly. awesome performance.

    What: track session at club tonight
    Why: first hard session after Sunday's race
    Last rest: Monday
    Last hard; 10K race Sunday

    Have a good one.
  • Great result Hilly, good one!

    What : Club night and will probably do the shorter 5mile route in keeping with 'easy' week.

    Why : Because once in a while its good to scale my training back a little

    Last Hard Run : Sunday
    Last Rest Day : Tuesday

    Looks like a gorgeous day out there folks so have a good one
  • Whats with starting training threads at midnight??

    What? 20 miles
    Wht? God knows.
  • Why even.

    I'm looking forward to it.
  • What - 6m inc 3 x 1m. Done this morning, lovely day but colder than it looks.
    Why - Trying to get back to pre-FLM routine of 4/5 run days/week with 1 or 2 quality sessions
    Last rest - Yesterday
    Last Hard - Tuesday - Ran twice 8 and 5.

    Questions for Big Tim/BR or any twice a day guys... does this work for average runners (46min 10k)? How many days to you train twice? Does it mean I can run 5 or six times but on only 3 days/week? Is there an ideal routine ie easy then hard etc? Is there a thread? Other benefits?
  • Well done Hilly! Commonwealth Games beckons?

    Last night I went out thinking I'll do 10 miles steady and generally feeling peeved at my state of fitness. Got outside the door, 'toot toot', a friend who's distressed that she can't shift weight and on her way to the gym pulled up. I told her to get out of the car and run with me. We ran around 6 to 7 miles, very slow - very, very slow. But it was really good for me! I couldn't resist a few bursts here and there, but overall I'd forgotten that it's nice to run and talk things over, encourage each other and have someone else with me when I stick two fingers up at the teenage boys packed into Ford Fiestas!
    The cold is finally shifting. Body's are great aren't they - if your mind won't tell you to slow down and take stock. Your body will!
    Today: Either a hard hill sesh, or an easy six miler with a few hill bursts. Depends what my body thinks
    For the next four weeks I'm going to follow the last bit of RW's 10 week 1/2 mara schedule in prep for the Hillingdon Half...
    But for now... enough procrastination, accounts need doing!
  • You're in early with your accounts Snicks, surely the deadline is months away. Glad you had a good run, know what you mean, our minds are so stubborn it's hard to listen to our bodies sometimes isn't it. After Connemara, isn't it good you've trained less and recovered though?

    Hilly, congrats on your PB, you deserve every second of it after that killer session you posted last week. You said you hadn't had good runs at this race before so it must be doubly pleasing to do well.

    What: 4-5 miler.
    Why: beautiful day so want to do something, but really should take it easy before Sat. Can I start eating now?
    Last hard: Tues
    Last rest: week ago.

    I've made my mind up to have a crack at the Bob Graham round by the time I'm 40, a dad at school is doing it as I type, 74 miles, masses of ascent running a huge circle of peaks in the Lakes in 24 hrs. It's self-organised, you need lots of support and at the end, if you make it under the 24 hrs, you can put your name in the hall of fame. Most people fail their first attempts!

  • Just checked: 'masses of ascent' = 28500 ft!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Nice one Hilly. Good to see you are getting back into the fray, Snicks.

    What: I think I'll head up to the woods for an hour or so. I haven't been off road for a while, and it might be kinder on my feet, which have been blistering a bit lately.
    Why: So that I don't have to cut the grass, even though it is finally dry enough to do it, and it looks like it'll stay dry all day.

    Last rest: Yesterday (except my arms are sore from the golf last night)
    Last Hard: Monday
  • Good on ya Laura. I'm thinking of mad things to do by the time I'm 40, too (hence the name Ultra Snicks)... you're right about the rest - much needed and does feel better to have done it.
    Re: accounts - have to do them early for other reasons! Normally, I'm an 11th hour kinda gal - having said that in relation to what I'm having to do them for, it is 11th hour... expect to see alot of me today, I feel much procrastination coming my way!
  • Great stuff everyone. And brilliant news Cath. Hope the further scan's OK too.

    It's cricket today. Would have played yesterday, but it rained so I shifted forward my Thursday run (12 miles steady), leaving me free to play tonight (I pick the team!) AND giving me a nice rest before the planned 17M beast on Sat. Oh, and it's pub later!

    Have a good Thursday, you lot.
  • great result hilly

    What: 4 miles
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: tuesday
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Good running Hilly

    am: 10 minutes to track, 2*1600 at 6's, 25 minute run home at what was supposed to be 10k pace but was probably more like half mara.
    pm: bike to club, 6-7 miles at a pace dictated by whoever is there to run with, bike back - possible ride round depending on light and if my legs have packed up by then.
    Why: Trying to keep my miles up but wont be doing much after today before Sunday's race.
    Last Hard - last night 40 minute run increasing tempo every 10 minutes.
    Next rest : Saturday
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Yes bravo Hilly.

    Hi all. This comes to you from the public library as my computer is v.poorly. So don't assume I'm sulking if I'm a very irregular poster over the next few days/weeks/months.

    (e-mail ditto, those who might wish to try and contact me)

    What: 8 miles run walk, 3rd of four sessions on consecutive days. We'll get the hang of it.

    I miss you all. Is boring without the forum.

    But rather fun to have a computer where clicking on next page doesn't mean time for a coffee break before it loads up.

    By for now.
  • Laura L - sit down somewhere comfy and get someone to make you a hot, strong cup of tea. I've called the psychiatric hospital and they'll be with you shortly.
  • afternoon all

    Hilly - congratulations & keep the PB's coming. sub-42 mins next time round?

    Laura - that's about 5 miles straight up - so assuming you've also got 5 miles descent over an identical distance, that means your average gradient is somewhere near 1 in 7?!

    Drew - haven't had a proper chance to look at my exact mileage as yet. I can however assure you that it's significantly higher (& more varied) than it was a year ago.

    what: Nets - then an easy jog round the grounds

    why: overdue an easy one - and want to be reasonably fresh for speed session tomorrow

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: forgotten
  • Today: Probably out for an hour on the new bike.

    Last run: 6M yesterday

    Last Rest Mon & Tues

  • Greetings all

    Planned return to proper training this week hasn't happened so far. Must get meself more organised so I can get my gym/speed sessions back. Sunday's race was harder than it should have been and I'm sure it's cos I've not done any speedwork since before FLM.

    Yesterday - 5 miles steady; all uphill on the way out and down on the way back.

    What - 3.5miles tempo
    Why - cos its Thursday
    Last hard - Sunday?
    Last easy - yesterday

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