Longworth 10K

Just to let you all know that the Longworth 10K in Oxfordshire has been postponed until 6th October (should have been 22nd September).

Hope to see some of you there.


  • CC, where in Oxfordshire. I was planning to run Henley on the 13th but my wife is working. I've seen a race in Alton on the 6th but it could be muddy. Can you give me some details

    About time you had a picture. Give me a shout if you want me to go looking!
  • Blue Knees

    The Longworth 10K is in Longworth (near Kingston Bagpuize - affectionately known as Bagpuss locally!!). It is between Abingdon and Faringdon, so South Oxfordshire. It starts at 11am on 6th October. E-mail contact is: r.kenyon@cprworldwide.com. Richard will e-mail you the form.

    It is an undulating, rural (ie farmland/various types of path), multi-terrain 10K. I'm really looking forward to this race as I've got a bit fed up with flat road 10Ks at the moment.

    I've even entered the Grizzly next year so best start training for it!

    I will search out a picture (when I get a few mins from looking after the kids, cross stitching, working, running, going to the gym....). I know what I want but not sure whether I will find it - may get my husband to search for me.

    If you decide to enter Longworth, do let me know. I'm aiming for between 60 and 70 mins (I'm a very slow plodder and have lost quite a bit of fitness after the broken toe incident in June).

  • Whoops, I should have sent that e-mail address off the forum. Sorry guys! This cold is really starting to affect my rational and logical thoughts at the moment.

    Thousands of apologies.

  • Hi CC. I've managed to get some of my collegues involved in the Aborfield run which is local and and on the same day so I will be running that one now.

    Don't worry about the e-mail address because the events threads dissapear off the first page in a day.

    Thanks for the advise and mail me if you have problems finding a picture.

    Good luck with race
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