Plod-ern Life is Rubbish

Happy plodding folks :-)


  • very clever!
    3 miles for me
  • Still tapering for Chester halfmarathon on Sunday. Did a lazy 4-miler yesterday. Bit of a walk in the Lake District tomorrow, then here goes for another assault on the old pb.

  • Good morning!
    4-5M easy in prep for the Oxford Town and Gown on Sunday - my first 10k, aiming at sub-55, but no idea how realistic that it. Hopfully the RW training schedule I've been on will see me in good stead...
  • Nice title. Rest day for me, the Richmond Park long plod tomorrow or Sat. Cheers all plodders......
  • Thanks Chris - it was either that or "This is the Plod-ern World" by the Jam!
  • you should have kept that title to yourself..
  • Nice one Fruity!

    Oh dear, too many mini sausages yesterday, set my alarm for 6.00am this morning and..turned over and snoozed. Will make up for it tonight with a five mile plod.

    (How about 'This is Major Plod to Ground Control?'.....)
  • I REALLY like that one Flatfeet. Having missed the previous info on the race on Sun, and would like to come and give you all a cheer, where was the meet and time? Its the London Hyde park thingy.
  • He he!
  • 5 miles for me tonight. Haven't been feeling 100% recently so am hoping it goes OK tonight ahead of a 7 mile race on Sunday.

  • Plod-ern Love by David Bow-leg-ie?

    I'll get my coat.
  • Chris S - I think the plan is to meet around the Information Tent (if there is such a thing) between 9.30-9.45am. See you there!

    Fruity - I have a mate who is an editor of a trade magazine (and will remain nameless) who told me of a competition he used to have with another editor to see how many song titles he could use for news story headings. Never did quite manage to find a way to work 'Dark Side of the Moon' into one though....

    Also, speaking of the Jam my current favourite running tape is P.Weller's acoustic album 'Days of Speed' - Town Called Malice really gets my legs going.
  • "Do Anything You Wanna Do" - by Eddie and the Hot Plods??
  • I would have thought 'Start!' would have been a good one to get you going.

    No I really will get my coat now.
  • Will have cap on with name. Over and out.
  • All Plod Cons?
  • Blimey! Eddie and the Hot R(pl)ods! I saw them once at the Music Machine (now the Camden Palace) in the late 70s...OMG I really am showing my age now.

    Teddy, keep them coming - at least I find them amusing!

    How about WonderPlod for a newer one: 'Today's, the day, I'm going to Plod away....' (obviously sung to the tune of Wonderwall).
  • Plod-ern girl by Sore-Knee Easton.

    (the sound of a barrel being scraped)
  • Race starter by the Plodigy.

    Come on Flatfeet, I'm struggling here.
  • Purple Plods? by his highness (although sounds like the aftermath of eating too much beetroot!)

    Got to get on with some work!!!!
  • Work? What are you thinking of dear Flatfeet, are you feeling OK?
  • Anything by Plod Stewart?
  • How about Plodrophenia - for those who remember the great days of The Who.

    For the record - plodded 3 miles today (see Morning Running thread).

  • Went out to do a speedwork session this morning, and planned to do 1 min FAST runs then 1 min slow jogs for about 20 mins but only managed about 4 fast minutes in total as my chest felt like it was going to explode and I couldnt seem to get enough air in. Feel like a right loser now. How can I run 7k one day then find FOUR minutes fast running an absolute killer??
  • Yes, Picketty, work - that thing that gets in the way of my Forum posting (I've got to start restricting myself on these threads!!)

    Right, not coming back here until I've done some hard work....or until my concentration wanders again....or until I can think of a good song title...or...
  • Plod only knows, guess you just have to doo run run.
  • I best get on with some work as well...oh it's lunch time, off to the pub for a bit of sweet inspiration.
  • Okay - back from doing a bit of work...and this my last offering for a while...

    'Plodders in the wind' - okay, I know it's not funny but it is relevant for plodders in this windy island.

    Jill like your offering. Okay, back to do some more work....for a bit anyway...
  • how about "Plodding all over the world" by ....
  • I'm not very knowledgeable about pop groups but I did think that Gilbert and Sullivan had it with "I am the very Plod-el of a Plod-ern Major General"!!
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