City Of Salford Women's 5.25

I've just entered this race. Never done it before but its fairly local. Any other Forumites planning on doing it?


  • I did it the year before last, it was very good, had planned to do it last year, but I turned into a big scaredy cat about the ice (it was extremely icey)

    The hill a the end is the best bit, trying to sprint finish up it....

    whereabouts are you veester?

  • I'm in Manchester, Whalley Range. How about you? Do you reckon you'll enter this year?

    A hill sprint finish? I'll give it a shot. It'll make my post race pint all the more welcome.image

  • veester, if you ever fancy running with other people our club is only up the road from you

    I am in Sale, I think I will enter it, its a good race.  I try and get lots of our club to do it because its very beginner friendly

  • I'm in - first time for me at this one.  Grabbed some of my club peeps who are not so keen on entering racing to have a go at this one.  Just ran Berlin at the weekend in my quest for the 1hr 10km.  Really enjoyed it.  Hope to see you there peeps image 
  • Hi nutty,

    hows things in Kitt Green?

  • I've only been away 4 days and they've changed all the desks round and new peeps have appeared .  Really wierd in here at the mo image


    they've not put your stapler inside jelly have they?

    have they switched the keys on your keyboard too?

  • Farnie - cheers for that. I've just stated running with Sale Harriers as  Crossford Bridge isn't too far on my bike and it's convenient for my friend who works close by as well. But I'll keep your club in mind, it's also not too far..

    btw - the membership links aren't working on the club page.

    Nutty - That's three of us so far then. Hopefully it will be a great race. The reviews look promising. How did you get on in Berlin?

  • I'm doing this race never done it before either.. fingers crossed i won't die on the ice image i gues si'll see you all there.
  • Hi I'm looking at entering this but like some others on here am a bit of a scaredy cat.  What level of runners actually do this?  I only started running earlier this year and not speedy at all.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated x
  • hi sharen, i only started this yr as well and i'm not very fast at all.... i did my first run last week which was 5k and it took me 33 mins so i'm hoping to do this one in an hour. slow and steady haha. hope you enter.
  • Hi Aimee congrats on your run and time.  Will def enter this now I know that it's for new runners as well as the professionals, cheers hun xx
  • I'm not a pro and I'll be running it as fast as my unprofessional legs will carry me. See you there!
  • See you there, I'll be the one with the red face at the back image haha x
  • Hello all,

    Hope your running is going well!

    I got my race number today! Does anyone know what the timing system will be?

  • hi has any one got a map of course yet please
  • a course map came with the stuff they sent, its in the leaflet.
  • Hi all

    I only live down the road and have never done this one before. Did the Swinton half marathon in Oct that this club also organise and it nearly killed me. ha ha. But it was very well organised and great people. Looking forward to trying this shorter distance race. Plus I have  been out of running for six weeks due to a cracked coccyx so I will be taking this one very easy. But at least it will give me something to get back in to training for.

    See you all there!

  • this is a first Salford Women's for me too and I've only been running for a couple of months, but looking forward to it!
  • This will be the 3rd time i will have done this race - although previously i did it with a friend (who no longer runs) so will be a big test for me to force myself out of bed on sunday just to do it on my own.

    its a good course and it is a really mixed bag of runners. times for last year went from 31mins to an 1hour and 15mins for the 8.4km (like to work things out in km as it sounds further to me!!!)

     And to be honest the hill at the end isnt too bad.....the one in the middle is much worse!

    All in all its an ideal one for those who have done 5km and wanting to complete a 10km. Its not dead flat but at least its on tarmac/pavements so should'nt get too filthy in the rain!

  • Well I managed to do it in about 57 minutes this year and am very pleased with that.

    Congratulations to all the fabulous women who participated, well done, you should be very proud xx

  • well done sharen!!! i think i was 51 or 52 mins not too sure are there any results up yet??? i was freezing after i had to thaw out in the shower. i enjoyed it tho, might have to look at a ten k next. x
  • Aimee Shaw wrote (see)
     are there any results up yet???
  • Well done Aimee, you did fantastic.  I know what you mean about the cold and the rain didn't help either.  Was good though image
  • Hey well done all of you - I did it in 51.59 - it was very cold and wet - came 3rd LV65 so very pleased here's to next year
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