Garmin 305 on its way


I finally made the purchase, ordered the 305 off Amazon for £140 i also paid the extra £8 for express delivery, so should be here by 1pm on Friday (i went for the express delivery inlight of all the post strikes etc)

Anyway, i'm aware of the main functions etc, I was just wondering if there were any websites out there that can utilise the conectivity of the Garmin?



  • is quite good 
  • Ah cheers, I did wonder who would suggest that.

    Thats OK though, I suppose I can just scour google rather than go off other peoples recomendations..

     Thanks oh helpful one.  image

  • It'll come with all the info Jay, I have a Foreunner 50 and they're great!! Once your set-up and start down loading your runs you'll find loads of little bits n bobs you can do!! I think the 305 is GPS(??), if it is I think i'm right in saying it'll show where you've just run and all the associated data!!image

    You can also share the info through the Garmin website and check other peoples routes, compare notes etc..... the Garmins are a great piece of kit. I'm thinking of upgrading for christmas so I have the GPS function!!image 

    Oh and you can also download training plans found on this site!!image

    ie here's the download for a sub 4hr training plan:-

  • Garmin connect
  • I have a 305 and use

     I think it is a lot more user friendly.

    If you go on the link you can have a quick look at all it features. It is totally free as well.

    Quite sad but you can then put your run into Google earth and FLY your route.

  • I second SportsTracks - its totally fab and beats most commercial offerings my miles.
  • Sports Tracks for me, but I also love Garmin Connect because it plays the route you've just ran - cool!

  • I'd vouch for GC too - is so much better than the old software they used to use!
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