Sodbury Slog

I was Slogging and now I'm not. If anyone missed the entries or has heard what a great race it is, or wants a chance to try it, I'm happy to send the number to the first person who asks.

They're being posted this week, but if you don't want to risk the postal system, I'm going to be in Sodbury anyway (Hubby is running) so can pass it over the night before or morning of the race.


  • I'll nab it, please if i may fankooimage if they will allow? some races are funny about transferring numbers although i am happy to call the organisers.

  • It's yours for the taking Soop. As far as I know the organisers are OK with number swapping, but I stand to be corrected if someone knows better
  • I transferred last year (or rather got a transfer) and it was all in order and no hassle
  • Woohoo! thank you very much k

    I will drop you an email with my address it should be fine in the post and if not i'm sure the organisers can do me a make shift number. I'll contact them any way to get my name down. Email coming your way then you can tell me the number etc...image

    Melders...i look forward to having my head submerged by your foot in the bog!

  • soop - long time no see...... image
  • Hi,

    I was supposed to be Slogging it but have decided that I'm probably too pregnant to risk a mud dunking fall.  A friend of mine will happily take my place - do I just need to email the organisers with his name if they are happy for transfers?

  • Chynah, I think that's what Soop has done.
  • JW! how the bleedin devil are you ol' bean?!

    I emaild the organiser yesterdayawaiting reply, i'm sure it is fine though. image

  • soop - yep it will be, and less of the old if you don't mind, b gd to catch up - i will b popping into the post race eats once we have cleared up.
  • marvelous, i shall have me teeth in too seeing as it's a social occasion !
  • If anyone else has a place, I'd be happy to buy it off them.  Thanks.  I need a mudbath. image
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