Running Clubs in Edinburgh

Can anyone recommend a user-friendly running club in Edinburgh?
I've been running for about 2 and a half years now and am about to run my first 10K but I would like to build up this distance, as I would love to do a marathon someday.
Can anyone help??


  • Hi M

    Although I'm not a member, I can reccommend Portobello Running Club. I've trained with them a few times and they are very friendly people.

    I was in the same position as you (a novice 10k runner) when I went along and they made every effort to make me feel welcome.

    I didn't join as a) I was injured for a few months and, b) I'm moving away soon. Otherwise I'd have signed up!

    You can contact David Edgar (Secretary) on 447 0808.

  • If you havent already joined Portebello by now, or even if you have, Lothian RC hold 2 training sessions in Edinburgh (although we are mainly Livingston area based)which anyone can attend. One is an interval session in the Meadows on a Tuesday evening, which normally has around 60 people attending (of all abilities)and the other is a steady run on a Thursday. For details see website
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