Hi  I am about to have a hernia operation  (not very big), as anybody got any tips to help not lose much fittness in recovery and tips not cause damage Thanks Bill   


  • Bill
    depends upon what sort of op you are having and what sort of hernia it is.

    I have had two open cut ignnuial hernia ops - either side so I am now perfectly balancedimage
    The second one I had under local anaesthetic and my immediate post op recovery was much better without having to get over the residual effects of a general  - in either case just make sure they give you sufficiently strong pain killers to help when the anaesthetic wears off otherwis the next couple of days will be very uncomfortabel.-
    After the immediate pain of open cut surgery wears off - about 48 hours and you feel a little more comfortable (you will know yourself !!) just try a steady walk each day for 4 or 5 days.gently increasing the distance. If the op area has settled down move on to doing a gentle jog in each walk. If there is discomfort - stop!! it's not worth jepordising the recovery but after 7 days or so you should be able to do some light .running and just build up steadily.

    good luck

  • Torque Steer  mine is the same as yours,  so I will go steady the nurse said I cannot do much for 6 weeks   thanks
  • I've  had an op. for an incisional hernia and after four weeks i'm hoping to start running again. I had a setback after they removed the metal staples  from the wound, at one end it burst open again which has delayed my recovery.But from the outset the surgeon said it would take 6 weeks for a full recovery and even with my setback that is still possible.

  • hi thanks for that hopefully that dose not happen and it looks like with luck i should be doing some light running within four weeks but time will tell thanks bill
  • Hi I had 3 hernia`s all done at the same time, the doctor said 4 weeks with no training at all, I did listen to him and went running 4 weeks on the dot and it felt good apart from tired legs from losing a little fitness. The next 2 runs also felt good so I started full hard training for a local 10k. BIG MISTAKE. I think that the wound inside must of been inflamed from the running and caused me severe pain so i have had to lay off again, I know how you may be feeling after your hernia and not running but think long term and dont ruin it all, just be patient its for the best. gentle slow jogging at the most after  6 weeks. believe me I have been set back make sure you are not.
  • Hi Andrew  Thanks for the advice and I think the safest policey is to go steady and not rush into it to soon after the op and put up with inactivity for a while, i was hoping to be in a 10k race four weeks after I think I will give it a miss now.   Regards Bill
  • Hi Bill please do take my advice on the hernia, good luck, I see you ran in the Heanor 10k 2008, i also ran in it, this years will be 7 weeks after my hernia will you be there this year
  • hi Andrew  having op on 2nd Nov  so will not be able to do it this year,it was the first race I had entered since 1975 having taken up running again in 2008, and was hoping to beat my last years time , but iI will look forward to 2011.  Regards Bill
  • Hi to ervery who gave tips, i have had the opp and am back running if the weather would let me Regards bill
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