GB Ultra Thames Trot 50


I am considering this for my first ultra and currently training with that in mind. I have read the reports from the 2009 race and am concerned about the navigation requirements as i am frankly terrible at map reading!

Would you recommend this for a first ultra?? 

I chose this one as it was early in the year and is at the 50mile distance which i am keen to tackle...






  • i'm doing it as my first ultra as well, I'm sure the navigation won't be much of a problem, ok could become a bit tougher when it gets dark.  Really looking forward to it and will be interesting to see how my body holds up over 50 miles.
  •  Signed up for this as my first ultra as well. Not too worried about navigation as will be on home ground  around the half way point and know my way from there. Like you JonnyS  am intrested how body will cope over the distance. Doing  Beachy Head mara this weekend,week away from running and  then start training for this.  
  • Navigation is not a problem on this race, its all well sign posted. It can get very muddy at the start esecially between Sandford and Abingdon so shoe choice can be interesting........

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Looking forward to this one... have done the old Thames Path 50 which takes in a slightly different stretch of the Thames, but im sure it'll be much of a muchness, and equally as damp!
  • Hi guys, good first ultra for anyone and navigation is fairly simple.. Steve is a top bloke and runs the events well. i pulled out of this one at 20 mile last year due to fear of being injured before a big run.. and god it was snowy n icy last year in the bad weather,, highly recommended though....

    i'll be there, also doing the county to capital 45 in Jan.... I've added a face book group link below to anyone on the site... its a ultra running area... Stay fit, GWR holder , 7 days treadmill 468.04 miles

  • Hello all,

    Seriously considering this one. I'm also doing the Country to Capital in Jan and this seems like the next logical step.

    Hi Lee, good to see you've entered could sway my mind image. Look forward to meeting up on the recce run. 

  • was doing country to capital and/or tring to town runs but now away on business for both those weekends in Jan so now looking at this one. Like the fact that sounds low key with only 100 entries last year which is how ultras should feel in my opinion. Will the scenery be fairly dull on this run though? The thames after all!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    welcome aboud stu! This should be a good one. Ideal being 2 months before our 100 too!
  • yep thats what I thought! be good to meet up and compare training tips and stories. I think I plan to pace this 50 as I would the 100 to get use to the slow pace and not falling into the trap of going too fast too early! although I often have a pace plan and then the gun goes and i'm off!! hehe.
  • Hi Guys,
    What are your travelling / accomodation arrangements? I am going from Manchester and I still undecided on whether to travel the day before and stay in a hotel or even stay after the race.
    Anyone from the North West?

  • Giles Chalk 2 wrote (see)

    Navigation is not a problem on this race, its all well sign posted. It can get very muddy at the start esecially between Sandford and Abingdon so shoe choice can be interesting........

    Hi Giles, what is the rest of the course like, relative to the stretch detailed above?

    If you know the area well, I live in Kennington, which is a couple of miles (if that) from the start at the Prince of Wales pub at Iffley. When doing 20 mile training runs, I often run that stretch between Sandford and Abingdon and then upto the railway bridge, just past Culham lock and back.

    Looking at last years forum for this event, it would appear that the race info was emailed out, with just the race number posted. If anybody has received this info yet, would they be kind enough to email me a copy, to have a look at, before sending off my entry.

    Many thanks,


  • have decided that the logistics of getting to start and from finish are too much hassle for me. There's a local ultra45 from northampton to tring along canal which am doing instead which logistically makes more sense for me.
    Good luck to all doing this.
  • Hi Nigel,

    I live right next to the lock in Sandford so we have probably run past each other at some point....The stretch I mentioned seems to be the worst bit I know of. In experience after Abingdon things improve as its not used so much. It can get a bit boggy after Clifton Hamden before Benson. Its hard surface then before Wallingford for a while. I am not too familiar with the next bit. From Reading to Henley is reasonable with some on tarmac.

    I havnt had any rave info yet,


  • Guys , how are you dealing with your training on icy surfaces? I live in a city centre so I have like 5K before I can access to any non-slippery surface, therefore I have been doing most of the running on treadmill but there is so much you can run there before you die of boredom.
  • Could anyone share some training tis for this one. I am a triathlete with lost of experience but this will be my first ultra attempt.

    What kind of milage are you guys doing and how do you break it down? Is it all at a slow race pace or do ye mix it up?

    Also what about gear what do ye wear? Do ye recommend special shoes or would normal brooks be ok? What kind of things do ye carry with you like back pack or water?

    Too many questions I know but any help would be great.

    See ye on the day
  • Hi Giles, once this snow melts that should make the route a bit damper!!!

    Thanks for the info on the rest of the route. Do I take it that you have entered this event?

    I once ran back from Benson along the river to Kennington, but Day Lock was all closed up for major works and I couldn't cross the river, so had to go across some fields and onto the main Culham? road and rejoin around Clifton Hamden. Got back just before darkness fell....

    Cheers, Nige

  • A week after last years run when all the snow was melted there were parts of the course near Henley under 5 feet of water. You can never tell what its going to be like along the Thames this time of the year.
    Last year it was great starting off in the snow and running through the thawing landscape, which is beautiful whatever the weather.
    I live a couple of miles from the start and I do some of my long runs up to Abingdon. You should not really go wrong on this one as long as you follow the Thames path signs.
  • Hi Nige,

     Yes I am entered from this one, nice run back from Benson except the meanders make it seem like you are never getting anywhere.....

    Its not too bad in the snow but I fear for when it melts!!!


  • Do you reckon it'll be bad then GC?
  • It wont be road shoe weather I will predict that much.........
  • Inov8's it is then! Thanks GC.
  • I agree with you on that. Some of the Thames path will be quite muddy and slippery.There are some road section but overall you would be better of in off-road shoes.
  • I'd have thought off-road shoes would be a given. I've got two pairs of Inov8's. Some 315's and 305's. Might get the wife to meet me half way and change them over!!!!  
  • I'm gonna go with Inov8 Mudclaw 330's.
  • I am in - cheque sent
  • looking forward to this one after the C2C, great event. I pull out of this one last year so looking forward to finishing it..
  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭
    Does anyone know if this one is in danger of filling up? hHaving pulled out of C2C I would love to do this but unsure whethert I'll be fit enough on time.
  • I know steve said it was doing. Well, not sure how full though. I'd give him a ring if I was you. Hope your getting better / fit again. C2C was good, bit wet n cold. I'm on for Thames trot too + bit extra.
  • Nicely pul Lee - a bit extra lmao! image
  • how did the other half take the news chaz , did the extra wine help?? lol

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