GB Ultra Thames Trot 50



  • Basically she said "do what you want" so we're on!

  • Excellent, I hope it was a nice "do what you want"...  great, could be an experience.. looking forward to it.... mad !!!!!!
  • An experience it will be, be quite funny turning up at the start knowing we have to run back! Just a little image
  • yeah, lol, just brought my petzel tikka 2 head torch. Mudclaws on the way so will have the gear and no idea lol..

    I'll send an email about logistics of it all.  the forum is a little empty considering there's a lot more people taking part.

  • And I was relying on you! image

    I thought that maybe it'll pick up in the next week or so.

  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭
    I would have thought so - race is full so 300 entrants. Idiot here didn't take Lee's advice early enough so I may be missing another one. My ultra year is proving considerably  less ultra than planned.
  • So there will be 300 runners? I have never done an ultra with such a large field. I think i will start slowly right at the back. There will be many patches of muddy boggy ground so i shall keep my head up for signs of runners sinking in front of me.
    Most of the course was good last year although once the snow thawed it was tricky.
    this is a great race. those of you who are worried about navigation will be wondering what the fuss was about and those who have never done this kind of distance will more than likely become hooked on it.
    I have this weekend free so i shall cycle up to Sandford and maybe do a few miles up towards Abingdon just to see how the river is looking.
  • the river is currently over its banks in Sandford and also towards the start at Iffley...............GREAT!!

  • I can concur with Giles,

    on Saturday I did a 20 mile training run (wade), from Kennington, then Sandford, onto Abingdon and then upto the railway bridge, just past Culham lock and back.

    Sandford is flooded in places upto my knees, but worse is the section before Abingdon, behind the Science Park area, where the Thames Path really winds back and forth. Here it is well flooded for long sections, upto my thighes this time. I had to wade through it. Chilled calf & thigh muscles. Mad !!!!Having said that, given the weather forecast for the next couple of weeks I'd expect the flooding to have subsided by then, so fingers crossed for all you entrants, because when I looked online Saturday night I discovered that the race entry limit of 300 had been reached, so I guess I’m not going to be running it after all. I’ll have to find something else instead.


  • Always a bit tricky, Old father Thames at this time of the year.
  • well sounds interesting... me n chaz are doing it in reverse during the friday night, might need to look at another route as not to get too wet.... or take a change of clothes for the half way turn around point.. should have subsided by then a bit though...

    I pulled out at 20 mile last year so looking forward to completing it this year, last year ice n  snow, this year knee deep water, excellent !!!!

  • Lee,

    I just sent you a mail regarding our journey up there (great minds and all that) image.

  • youve got arm bands havnt  you chaz!!!!!
  • anyone got updates on the canal?
  • What canal?

    Seriously though, I ran yesterday morning between Rose Island (by Kennington) into Oxford and Christchurch Meadow and towards the start at Iffley, that is still ankle deep oin places.

     I'll be out again tomorrow morning....


  • cool, i can handle ankle deep. yes what canal lol, div!!!!
  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭

    Nigel - if you are interested it's worth emailing the organisers to get put on the reserve list, I did and now I've been offered a place though the shirt is not guaranteed.

     There's also a chance  my knee  will give out during the next week now I've said I'll do it.  I'm severely undertrained and am going to try my legs out on nothing more than 10 miles this weekend. My aim will be to finish in one piece rather than in any time.

    Re water levels - whilst thigh deep might  be amusing in theory  it's probably armpit deep for me. Keep the water reports coming please.

  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭

    Where is everybody? Anyone else coming up on the train from London?

  • Hi Helly,

    I did consider that, but I've agreed to take my daughter to her first Oxford Utd match now instead!!!

    DId you manage the 10 miles? Reference, the water reports, I can confirm that the levels at Ifley (the start) have now subnsided and all that was there yesterday morning was icy puddles.

    All the best,


  • excellent news about the water subsiding.. i've not managed to get out to see it even though i only live near reading, i've been DIY in the bathroom.. so not even a jog either
  • Don't forget the Thames is tidal so it might be worth seeing if you can get access to the tide tables for the relevant stretches - at least you will know if you are likely to have problems.
  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭

    10 miles managed OK  though my knee still looks lumpy so I'm on. My map just arrived and I'm presuming that this one is almost flat and follows the river so easy navigation,. I confidently expect to be trailing in last for a long as I can make it. 

    Bear  BH, I know I can get tide tables from the BBC weather site though I may be better off not knowing as I tend to overpack as it is,. are you going to be there?

    Nige , good on you getting them started young on a local team. Hopefully you'll still post iff the water levels rise significantly.

  • Sure no probs. I'll be running that way a couple of mornings this coming week.


  • the thames is not tidal this far upstream!

    water flowing briskly in Reading but the levels have dropped a bit

  • I couldnt get between Sandford and Abingdon on Saturday as the water was a bit to deep to tackle..... in non racing conditions....Looks like it will be fun
  • WHoops - apologies wrong thread meant to post on London Ultra 50K image.
  • "Come on you Yellow's."
    Might as well take that opportunity well this thread is awash with Oxford United fans.
  • Helly you can run with me  & Lee if you'd like we're gonna be doing a nice slow pace image.
  • Yeah I can see me keeping up as long as I remember to bring my jet ski.image
  • How is everyone dealing with the logistics? Is there any transport provided to go back to the start? Or is it better to leave the car at the finish?

    Any idea if we can give a dry clothes bag to get it back at the finish?

    It doesn't seem to be much information

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