itbs recurrence?


earlier in the summer i picked up ITBS in my right leg, after lots of physio, home excerices, experiments with foam rollers, patt straps, heel inserts etc I finally got it under control about 6 weeks prior to my first marathon, and built the training runs up to 20 miles.  Now, 1 week before the big event I have had a massive flair up of knee pain in my left knee, its exactly the same pain i experienced with the right, is it normal to get itbs in both legs? my physio told me its usually only the lead leg.

I know its a long shot, but does anyone think its worth me lining up at the start of the marathon or is that just stupid?  i have trained really hard for this and raised lots of money for charity, i dont want to let anyone down but i have to think long term.


  • I had that. First ITBS in R) knee, then it resolved itself. Then it came back but in the L) knee. The reason pain switches sides can be down to the CNS processing the pain or it can be fascia related.

    If it was me I'd do the marathon (hell that would be a first!) image Get some anti-inflams in you if you can tolerate them. You can fix yourself after it.

  • siance thats exactly what i wanted to hear, but as a sufferer do you really think you could run through the pain for 4+ hours.  i would love to just go for it and worry about it after but i dont want long term damage.

    what did you do to correct it when you got it second time around? i have tried everything i did with my right leg on my left but nothing seems to be working, any suggestions?

  • I guess it depends when the pain comes on too. If it's at 2 miles then it's going to be difficult as you really will be in agony at the end. Option would be to do run / walk intervals maybe?

    Have you tried running faster? That helps some. What's your abductor strength like - weakness here and with glute medius are known causes.

    The only thing that sorted mine was changing how I ran. I read up on Pose / forefoot running and switched to that. Plus plenty of foam rollering, owww.

    No flare ups since, although now I've switched to running 'barefoot' in vibram fivefingers all running is a dreamland of milk and honey image Except the soles of my feet are resembling leather...

  • I know how painful the ITB is too! My first port of call was the doctor who gave me Naproxen (anti inflmitory! and taking them brings the swelling down very quickly!

     Still doesn't solve the source of the problem but from this i regulrly use the foam roller "religiously" and even have recently bought  massage stick to use at work. I spoke to a another physio recenlty gave me free advice and he told me in addition to rolling or massaing the thigh muscle you should also stretch the glute muscle and the muscle right up the top by your thigh(by your groin). So i need to work on the muscles that  form a "Y" shape down my leg.

     Lastly buy great trainers to give you confidence no pain will come from them. 

    I'm sorry for this pain but having been there in the past i don't want this pain to return and this is what worked for me so hopefully it can do the same for others! image

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