Has this one slipped under the pirate radar for next year? a 3/4 , a 1/2 and an Olympic all on the same day something for everyoneimage, Being mid July the 3/4 or 1/2 IM  would be an ideal sharpener for anyone doing the Outlaw or IMUK  + Hayle Tri are top people who run great events link below anybody up for quick race then some pasties washed down with some pints of Skinners Betty Stoggs image

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  • this looks interesting and i've never heard of it before.  never been to cornwall to my knowledge so it's about time i got down there.  would thought it'd be too close to the Outlaw to be called a sharpner though.  might be a good one for the minted event junkies though.

    i'll stick it on the site.

  • kernowman is a new race but Hayle have been putting on great races for a few years now
  • great idea max and looks good but 2 problems

    1. Hayle is a long way away for many
    2. a lot of us are heading to Roth in Germany for that weekend's exercise


    btw - I owe you an a-mail of thanks for the Langster which arrived safe and sound and is currently being built up for Petal. apologies.....
  • FB glad it arrived safe and sound and you are pleased spent the dosh on nice new nortwave bike shoes luverly!

    Yep Cornwall is out on a limb but there are some great campsites in the Mounts Bay area a nice long weekend in Cornwall and Hayle/Marizion is alovely place for a quick break.

    Its the other way for me Cornwall is home and everywhere else is a long wayimage  

  • agree - wherever you live at the extremities anywhere else is a long way away....there are some great events 'oop Narth but they're one hell of a hack from Sussex and I can get to European events just as quickly driving!

    I like Cornwall - last time I was there was a visit to the Eden project and maybe I'll take a peek at this for 2011 and make a trip of it
  • I used to live in Helston so know Cornwall pretty well, I used to love going to Marazion, and Hayle as well. image
  • There is a pretty good camping/caravan park at Mounts Bay I stayed at the last time I did the Marizion Half IM its even got a swimming pool I will try and find out what it was called, that was a good year (2006), big seas , swim shortened to two laps, high wind, driving rain and fog on the bike then the sun came out on the run and boiled usimagetough race!
  • any idea what the bike course is like?  how many meters of climbing?
  • Cornwall....that'll be hilly then!
  • You can make a sure bet the bike will be "challenging" as its Cornwall not sure about the run the half IM they put on is flat along the sea wall/path to penzance from Mounts bay and back
  • I'm doing the Hayle Half IM that weekend.

    I'm looking forward to it.

  • 210BPM are you doing the Hayle half IM on the 22/05/2007 or the Cormoran  1/2 IM thats part of the Kernowman in July? the May race is realy nice I in fact its my 50th birthday on the 23rd so I may treat myself to a half IM outing and the Kernowman in Julyimage
  • My bad - I had no idea there were two events.

    I'm doing the Hayle Half IM on 22/5/2010.

    I've now looked at the website again and reckon that those events look really cool - they could pick a bit#h of a run course though....which would add to the fun.

    If I have enough energy left after June then I might be up for some fun in July.
  • Unles they have changed it since 2006 the 22/5 run is dead flat along the sea front path to Penzance and back a couple of times nice and easy unless there is an offshore wind blowing in one direction we also had to dodge waves braeking over the seawallimage grat bike course on that one
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