Stiff hip

I am training for my second ever half marathon, and have recently done some longer training runs (3 weeks to go), only to find that the next day I had stiffness in my right hip (at the front) when walking. This is not bad at the moment, but I am worried it may lead to injury during training or the race. I have been running for about a year, and had one injury in my left knee so far - this has now been fixed by the physio. Any idea what the problem may be, and what I Can do about it?


  • hi rachel

    yep i get this kind of thing too, but more to the back of my hip.

    check out your gait and ensure that your footfall is ok. sometimes if something is wrong here it can present itself as hip pain. a running shop like runners need have a treadmill and cameras etc to check it for you.

    you may already have this sussed.

    the other thing is to do some hip strengthing excerises to support the joint. i will look for the article and post the link here if i find it.

  • Thanks very much - I'll have a look at this. The problem is a bit better now, but not completely gone, so hopefully some exercises will stop it getting any worse...

    Anyway I'm dreading the race now - it's Sheffield, so could be hilly (ugh)
  • Rachel, came across what you said about your hip and found it to be so similar to mine. Am having treatment fro scacroilliac strain and hae been told this can be caused by over-striding when running. have just started to do speedwork so wondered it this has been the cause. I would interested to hear if your has improved or what treatment you have been receiving. Good luck with Sheffield. Anyone else had these sort of problems. Stiffness and pain in hip on striking with right foot.
  • Ellen, I had started to do a bit more speedwork recently, but had also been trying to focus on my gait, taking longer, slower strides (as advised in a running magazine) so maybe that's why. I have been doing the stretches recommended by Boo, above, for a week, and have no problems at the moment. Haven't done a long run yet this week, so will let you know after my 10 miler at the weekend! What treatment are you having?
  • Rachel, you will be fine in the race. Also, although there is one hill in it, the Sheffield half course this year is far better than in previous years.
    I get this some times when increasing my distance, but disappears as I get used to it. Just be careful with the speed work - particularly if you haven't done much of it before. It does make you run differently, which can upset the old muscles. Fine if you've got loads of time to get used to it - a bit dangerous if very near your chosen event.
  • as you say its the front of your hip... does it pull/ache if you do a quad stretch or lunge stretch?
  • Rachel, I am having ultrasound and deep heat at the moment - did second session today and after the first one found that when walking the "ache/stiffness" had lessened. Will see how I go after this last one. Also am doinf elliptical training only together with water walking - forwards, backwards, side step. I find the physio good but expensive to keep up with so am hoping this will disappear soon. She does however think I might not be able to do my 10k on 7.6.03. Have already pulled out of one on 18.5.03 so am pretty disappointed. See what Chris H says and it only makes me think that it was the speedwork I did - nver done anything like it before. Also one of my "medical" books says cause of this complain is either preganancy! and increased stride in running. Almost says it all doesn't it?
  • Ellen I've been reading about speedwork, (intervals etc), lately and apparently you should only do it about every 10 days at first, and go really easy as it uses your muscles in a different way. I might just not bother for a while.... Good luck with the 10k on the 7th, better to miss a race and do better in the next one than do one when you're not right.

    I am reassured about Sheffield now (thanks Chris) - just hope the hip doesn't get any worse.

    All this tallk of running - I might go out in a bit.

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