Suicide Six 2009

There are problems with the on line entries via Runners World. Some runners think the event is full. ENTRIES ARE STILL BEING TAKEN 


  • The Suicide 6 is now full with 750 entries

    See you on the day.

  • hi Brian,

    just wanted to say what a fantastic job you have done over the years, even more poignant now that one of our favourite runners is no longer with us.

    It will be a tougher run this year as a lot of people will be carrying heavy hearts, however I know that he will be looking down on us all and encouraging us to keep on going.

    once again Bry thanks for the photos as they help with the memories.

     see you there.

  • ((paul))
  • Paul, my memory of  Mark is as an avid Wolves supporter, whenever he came near my camera I would shout "Come on you Wolves" and this always bought out that grin of his.

    I have had many emails sent due to the website all acknowledging what a loveley bloke he was. We shall all miss him.

  • There will be a minute silence for Mark Perry at the start of this year's race.

    Race results and Photo's will appear on the website on the afternoon.

    Enjoy your run

  • thanks Bry and all involved with the organisation.

     I have passed this tribute on to marks family, see you there.


  • Thats a nice gesture Brian.

    Thanks FP too.

  • Just run the course tonight, it's very muddy and a lot of fallen leaves. You are advised to wear a Walsh type shoe/studded sole shoe.
  • Is this the beginning of the end of the Suicide Six ? With just 4 more days to go to the race, the Himley Park Ranger once more has shown objection to the race organisers. Baggeridge Park is owned by Staffs Council, but Himley is run by Dudley Council. He has told Organisers that there is a Craft Fair on at the Hall, and doesn't want runners going near it. The Water Splash looks like being omitted from the race although I have suggested a re-route that still allows the water splash. If he still objects, then it will have to be a 2 lap course up in Baggeridge. With the sale of the Baggeridge Brick Company, we would most likely lose the car parking overflow next year. Enjoy the race on Sunday, it could well be the last.
  • another one bites the dust image
    the sodbury slog had to have a much reduced route this year because we werenot allowed to run on the common - despite people regularly driving 4*4's and quad bikes over it
    at least we stick to one path so only a small section is distrubed
  • What a shame, the ranger has obviously not thought about the extra foot traffic the craft fair might receive from spectators watching the race and also that many  runners are local to the area, enjoy the great outdoors and use the park facilities for training therefore contributing to the park by car parking charges and purchasing refreshments.  Never mind, I'm sure a fun day will be had by all whether it be the traditional route or Baggeridge. 
  • Great News. I have just been down Himley with Paul Davies-Hale and took him on a route that will satisfy the powers that be at Himley. We have shown him the course, and he is willing to grant it as long as people DO NOT PARK in Himley because the Craft Fair is on. What I am saying is any spectator who wants to go to the water jump MUST park with the runners in Baggeridge and walk down. I have assured the powers that be that we will let people know of this request.

    The route now when you go through the gate seperating Baggeridge and Himley is you take a right just prior to the water jump, and cross over the stream. You then turn RIGHT (follow the red/white tape) then at the very end turn left UP THE LONG HILL with the iron fence on your right. Go as far as you can go to the top corner, then take a right angled decline to the bottom. Near the bottom, you do a 180 degree turn around a tree and proceed towards a large fallen down tree when you will have to bend under. Follow the red/white tape until you come to a marshall who will direct you downwards to the Water crossing. And then it's back to Bageridge as usual.

    See you Sunday.

  • Glad you've been able to sort a revised route out Brian; the hassle from the Himley Park Ranger is not what you needed at the eleventh hour!

    That's a really nice guesture about Mark, along with the kind words you have put on DK's site. 

    See you Sunday - hope your camera is now working OK?  Oh and keep it dry!!!


  • I think you will all enjoy this re-route, although there are so many leaves that you can't see the paths. I will get down there at 7.30am on Sunday and put as much tape on the trees as I can.

    Steve, camera is ok , but it dosn't like rain, so I bought it a mac.

  • Its raining cats and dogs!  It's going to be muddy!!

    I'm up for this one ;o)

    Didn't know Mark ...... but this ones for him.

  • Cheers Karl. Forcast is terrential rain again tonight followed by Gails on Saturday. Sunday is the best day, Sunny and Quiet.... Yippee   

    As you say though, it is muddy and flat running shoes will be no good off the paths.

    See you all on Sunday, enjoy..

  • Nice one Brian - he'll be sadly missed by all....
  • That's great Brian. A great bloke!!!
  • Thanks Brain a lovely tribute, he was such a great soul!
  • cheers Brian

     I shall pass this onto Marks family see you all tomorrow

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