Football & VLM

Any football fans running VLM? If so, what about a regular chat on your team/training  over the winter months.


  • Im up for it Bluebird.What sort of time you expecting? I,m looking for 4/4.15. Did it in 06 and managed 4.40.Going to put in more miles this time and go for 22/23mile longest runs instead of 20,as really suffered in last few miles last time.ON THE BALL CITY.........

       ROY KEANE is a football genius  HA..HA..HA. 

  • Hi Canary, i'm going for 3;45 or therabouts. I last ran it in 2007 & was on for 3:30 at the 18 mile mark but suffered badly in the last few miles & scraped a sub 4 by 13 seconds! So i'll be aiming for a few more longer runs as well. As for football, watched the game against Leeds  on Sky & was well impressed with Norwich, they got the ball down & played some good football.Definately look like play off contenders after the worst possible start.As for Cardiff, we're one point off the leaders & playing well, but after last seasons fiasco i won't get excited until VLM comes around & we're 7 points clear! As for Roy Keane he's definately seemed to have lost the midas touch & to think he was being tipped to replace Fergie!

    Keep on running.


  • Davey Jones has got you boys going well.You were unlucky last season.Like to see Peterboro stay up but looks unlikely.As for us,we pay 3grand aweek to a bloke who cant even kick a ball properly.
  • Sorry I thought you saw Leeds game.Our keeper miskicked in dying seconds straight to Beckford 2-1 GUTTED.Anyway got any races lined up?
  • You can add me guys...I will be runnning in my oxford United shirt as usual!!


  • More the merrier. Mind you with you being in london that weekend,thats Oxfords attendence down by half.       the only YELLOW ARMY........
  • Welcome roo2, but sorry lads, the futures bright, the futures BLUE.image
  • Seems like someones been on uhu again!.
  • image. 3 more points at Sheff U on saturday & the bluebird juggernaught will continue to smash it's way to the top. C'mon City!image
  • Cheek......we are averaging 6000+ at home this season (and some teams bring less than 80 supporters!) and we have had over 10,000 for a Tuesday night game this season. Not bad for a non-league team!

    Oh, and we are currently 6 points clear at the top of the Premier Non-League League!


  • Bloody hell, that's cracking crowds for the conference, who've you got tomorrow?
  • F**king hate Cardiff.

    Have had horrible experiences with their 'fans' over the years, No doubt the OP is one of the nice ones, but believe me, that club has a disproportionate number of nasty followers. 

  • Running commentary, sorry to hear about your experiences with Cardiff.Unfortunately we have been hijacked by a nasty element who seem to come out of the woodwork against certain opposition.The majority of City fans are probably some of the nicest & passionate fans you could meet but it's the same old story of a minority spoiling it for the majority.In truth,there's rarely any major incidents these days & CCS is probably one of the safer grounds to visit these days with coaches arriving straight outside the away end.Unfortunately innocent fans (scarfers) have been targeted just for being Cardiff , thankfully the days of Cardiff being a no go area seem to be a thing of the past & you can now see opposition colours walking to the ground alongside City fans, this would have been unknown 10 years ago.By the way, what's your team?
  • We have Thurrock from Conference South at home tomorrow Bluebird in the 4th Qualifying round of the F.A. Cup..........fingers crossed!

    Won't be much of a crowd, probably about 3500 i would guess as they won't bring more than about 80!

    Then Sw*ndon away in the next round if you please!

  • Good incentive for you to win today! Do you still play at the Manor ground?Wnt there a few times with Cardiff & with it being compact it always generated a good atmosphere. All the best.

    Keep on running,



  • No we have a new stadium now about 2 miles away.....a bit modern and souless if I am honest!

    Maybe we should play Cardiff after we knock Sw*ndon out!   image

  • We've also moved to a new stadium & to be honest i find it bland & souless,they're all starting to look the same. image
  • BB - QPR.

    Yeah, it's a shame as I'm sure there are plenty of decent Cardiff fans but I've had the misfortune of coming up against some of the not-so-nice both in london and Cardiff, and unfortunately it does colour one's feelings towards the club. Unfair, but that's human nature I guess.

  • Running commentary, give it to QPR they came down Cardiff a few weeks ago & were the best team to play there this season by a mile.Routledge has got to be the best player in the championship,pure quality.
  • On a good run, it's true. Magilton has them playing a decent passing game and crucially, they finally have the players who seem to be able to carry it off, unlike in previous years whewn the intentions were good but  the players weren't  -- or not enough of them. Main problem is that the 3 players who have really helped make the difference, Tarabt, Simpson amd Watson, are all Prem loanees. If we can hang on to them till the season end, who knows what crazy things might happen? That said, only a madman would try predicting what might happen in this division.

    Agree Routledge is top class.

  • We've got you at your place the week before VLM, so on current form could this be a promotion decider? Last time i ran FLM in 2007  we played you at Loftus Road the day before the race & at xmas i stated that it could be the perfect weekend , running FLM & watching my team get promoted ( we were top at xmas). We lost 1-0 & ended up in mid table mediocrity. So maybe i'm best saying nothing this time!

    Keep on running,


  • VLM is the day after our last game of the season away at Eastbourne..........Oh Dear, Oh Dear.............!!!!!!!!!!
  • roo2, could be a good weekend to celebrateimage
  • I live in hope!
  • Hello fellow footie fans,been away for a little while and nice to see we have nt been hijacked by glory hunters. Real fans with real teams.(no man u ,chelsea etc )DELIAs GREEN n YELLER ARMY....
  • Of all the things that I have been called I can HONESTLY say that 'Glory Hunter' isn't one of them!
  • How long have you been following the poor mans yellows?
  • image. Nope, no sign of glory hunters or the prawn sandwich brigade.We had a similiar thread going lat year ( & the year before) & not a single fan (????) of the big guns.image

    Just noticed on sky sports that both teams in yellow are in the lead.

  • Think it was a good weekend for all involved in this thread .Thing is xmas is comming and we are always pants over xmas.
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