I have shin splints.

It feels like the pain you get above your ankle when you wear new shoes. When it's really bad, you can feel the tendons grinding against the sheath, which my physio says is called "crepitus" and seemed to suggest that that was a bad thing. Icing after runs seems to have got rid of the worst of this.

My question is this: will it ever go away? I haven't really run since the FLM, but any serious effort will make it hurt. What's more, the tendon feels uneven; is this causing it, and is it something that physiotherapy or anything else can fix?

I realise that there are many other threads about this, but any experiences or thoughts would be weelcome.


  • yes eminently treatable I would have thought and suggestive of some sort of biomechanical problem that a good physio should be able to identify and treat

    good luck

    and give my love to Kevin!
  • e-mail me.
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