Bupa London 10,000

Got the email through today and signed up image

Event is May bank holiday weekend 2010.



  • Well done MK. I did this last year and it was the best organised race that i've ever attended. It also had the second best goody bag that i've ever received. Brilliant scenic route with good pb potential image
  • Are you doing it again Toco?? I'm looking forward to it already image
  • I am MK. All this year's participants were sent an advance entry email a week after the race. Signed up within an hour of getting the email. Are you based in London or will you be travelling in?
  • Yep I'm West London so nice and local. Easy trip in and home again image
  • £25 for a 10k. Only BUPA! image
  • I'm in, will be my 2nd 10k after one in Dec this year so hopefully can improve on my planned time of an hour.  Handy for me as my hubby will be studying in London for the next year so will have a flat all sorted - bristol based normally.
  • This is a good race.

    Ran in 2008 but missed this year's as I had been poorly but looking forward to 2010 - it is the only race I am signed up for at the moment actually image

  • Got the email through from VLM this morning, considering it, but I'm a little put off by the piss-taking £25 entry fee.
  • Hi All,

    I'm doing this one again image did it this year and not really run since due to injury. Just started running again last week image

    This race was good, TOCO, the goodie bag was good, still wear the oversized top image
  • Hi all

    I'm doing this one as well - did it last year, its a great race.  Signed up for 2010 a few days after finishing 2009 one.  Hoping to crack the 55min mark image


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