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Just did my first one in 10 years on my course nvq sports and fitness and got a score of level 10.8 24 of us did it i came 3rd top score was 11.8, How good is a score of 10,8?


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    Michael - try googling for bleep test results. I'm sure I've seen comparison charts somewhere. A lot depends on age, state of training etc
    I don't recall that I ever got that high, so I'd say it's pretty goodimage
  • Thanx on this course everyone knows im a marathon runner and it pissed me of at the end because alot of people were coming up to me saying "Your a marathon runner how come you didnt get the top score" and " Your meant to be a runner" i was going around the cones that were set out rather then touch the line and go to the next line so i did sort of shoot myself in the foot.
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    OK, next time tell them that the bleep test has been extended, 4 hours for example - that'll sort the sprinters out 
  • 1) The Beep Test

    The first test is the 'Multistage fitness test' or 'beep test'. In this test, you run to and fro along a 20 metre track (usually in a Gym), keeping up with a series of beeps on a cassette. The timing of the beeps gradually increases until you can no longer keep up and this defines the level achieved.

    The minimum ARMY (Kapooka in Southern NSW) requirement for both males and females is Level 7.5 or 56 shuttles for a total of 1,120 metres in 6 minutes 30 seconds.

  • I think 11.8 gets you into the Royal Marines top end Rugby League players are around 15
  • Police recruits only have to get to level 5.4!!! enough said, apparently David Beckham has finished the bleep a few times. My best was 14.7 about three years ago.
  • 14.7 thats impressive i think what let me down was my technique i know people will think thats really stupid, You would think what technique is there to running from one line to another but because loads of people dropped out at the 4-7 mark more space was there so i was going past the line and running round the cones thinking i was taking a breather but i was making more work for myself,and the guy who got the top score was walking and running the first 2 levels saving his energy wheres i went at a pretty fast pace, So we are doing it again in 6 weeks and my next target is 12.From 10,8 up to 12 in 6 weeks is that a realistic goal?
  • Interesting that site re Beep test results. Here
  • I plan to do the beep test at the start and end of my marathon training to see how well I improve, if I improve! image
  • How can you run at a pretty fast pace on the first 2 levels? It's barely a jog! Top score of 11.8? sure its a sports course and not a pie eating course!!
  • I did my beep test this saturday and got to level 8. After checking the sites this puts me firming at 'average' fitness as far as VO2 max goes, but I'm ok with that. There was a time when aspiring to mere average fitness was far beyond me. I'll redo the test prior to the marathon to see if that's improved, but marathon running is really the wrong kind for this test.

    My mate that did it with me got to 12.3, and he was dissapointed he didn't go further image

  • Video of my first beep test, starts a couple of minutes in if you don't want to see me talking image

  • I've never done a bleep test, so I'm a bit puzzled as to how it works- how do you know how much you have to increase your pace with each 'lap'?
  • There's a CD track that plays the beeps Vicky, after 7 shuttles (laps) it increases a level and the speed of the beeps. I think they start about 8 seconds apart and increase to 3 seconds apart at the highest level (which nobody human should ever reach!).
  • Thanks Petedaddy!
  • I haven't done the bleep test since I tried to get in the forces years ago.

    Just e-mailed my PE teacher friend to try and get a copy of it.   Would be interesting to see what I get now compared to then, because I was always crap at it.  But 'should' be much fitter now.

    Oh I can't wait.....sad isn't it.

  • "There's a CD track that plays the beeps Vicky, after 7 shuttles (laps) it increases a level and the speed of the beeps. I think they start about 8 seconds apart and increase to 3 seconds apart at the highest level (which nobody human should ever reach!)."

     There are different versions of the Beep Test so I could be talking about a different version, but the one I did a couple of weeks back and the one on Wikipedia ( does approximately 1 minute at each level, so the number of shuttles at each speed increases as the time to do each one decreases. That site also has a link to a copy of the test, or Google should provide it without much effort.

     I use the bleep test to measure how much I've improved since school. I was fairly happy with my 6.2 and being only the fourth person to drop out rather than the first! Recently I recorded a supposed 15.7. The best ever recorded at my Uni is 16.9 so I guess that's the next target!

  • Did another beep test this week, still pretty naff though.

     I've seen a few people asking for the mp3 of the beep test, which I've got if anyone ever needs it. Some people do 'sell' it but I'm pretty sure it's not actually copyrighted itself.

  • I believe there are 2 different Beep tests, one a 15metre one and the proper version is a 23 level 20metre one.

     I got to about level 12 a couple of years ago, but we did it on some slippery grass which didn't help anything. Also, once I'd seen the other runners off the motivation to put myself through pain went down image

    I also seem to recall getting around that level at school when I had very low fitness, but there's no way our gym was 20metres long image

    The Beckham completing the beep test is utter offence. It's simply an urban myth

    Try level 23 and see how many reps at that level are possible full stop, without 20+ levels of gradually increasing the pace. Especially as you have to come to almost a stop to turn round so many times.

    I heard a prem footballer did level 16...i'd imagine that's more the level prem players might reach, with only elite runners able to touch the upper teens.

    I've also heard professional footballers not even breaking 40mins for 10k though, so it's what you train for basically.

  • It has just been introduced into the Fire Service. Entry level to get into the Fire Service is 9.6 and then annually 8.6 which gets bloody harder the older you get. I'm 46 and find it hard and I dont think I would be able to get to that level when I'm 55+ . They make no allowance for age or sex but when I was in the armed forces allowances were made for your age. The problem is if you fail it 3 times (12 weeks in between tests) then we have been told, they can sack you, which I find totally unfair.

    I do lots of Running/jogging but I can't run at speed never have been able to, it causes me loads of injuries to the knees,shins and lower back. So I don't think it gives a true reflection of your fitness. I know loads of people that can score way higher than me but they could not keep up with me when I go out on my long runs etc. So anyone who does the test and scores low, don't worry about it , just keep doing what you enjoy.......simples image

  • The bleep test is more relevant to sports like football than running. In running, you generally lock into a pace and try and keep that for the whole race, give or take a little overtaking here and there.

    It is a good VO2 max exercise, of getting knackered, but then having to up the pace.

    I would have thought bravery and strength were more relevant qualities in the fire service. Not showing a good level of V02 max!

    It's hard to judge what level would be a fair entry though, as the lower levels of the bleep test are basically walking, and for's level 10 when it starts getting interesting. But that's me, a keen runner just about still in my 20s! Non runners would surely struggle!

  • My hubby got 17:xx a few years ago in his RN Leadership course in hismid 30s.
  • on the full 20metre course?

  • Hi mighty mike. If you have any intentions of doing a beep test regularly and improving then you need to get used to just touching the line, spinning and pushing off. If you get to the point were you are very good at it you still won't do the well running round the cones.
  • The best I've ever seen some one manage is level 15 but I have also heard the rumour about Beckham completing it.
  • Youcan download a copy of the beep test from the internet as an MP3 file...

     Of all places from the Royal Marines Website.

  • to manage a couple of sprints at level 23 pace would be beyond the majority of people. Let alone trying to do the 22 progressive levels leading up to that!

  • I'll give this a go; when I shake off this cough image
  • 11.8 is a decent result, which would contribute to getting you into the British Army 300 club. My last result was 10.2 which is a British Army pass for those under 30 years of age. Good effort to those pushing the upper levels.

    You can get all of the Bleep Test charts and tables from for free. They also have a couple of decent downloads on Bleep Test training to improve your score.

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