Hey ya guys, this is an update and for some advise.
I posted on Tuesday with a disappointing run and not very happy with myself. Well today, being my day off I had a nice lye in, an easy morning, so decided to go out for a run. I am pleased to say that today was my best yet run. I have 5 markers that i judge my running by, I managed to run past my marker but instead of walking to next marker i only walked half of it and ran the rest and at marker 3 i ran to marker 5 without stopping at marker 4. Does that make sense to anyone.. lol
I have found my problem y i have trouble with doing distances.. its my breathing, my legs dont ache or anything and dont get a stitch, but i lose breath quickly and have trouble gettng my breath. Does anyone out there have some tips or exercises for me how i can overcome this, if i can get that sorted then i know i will be able to go further.


  • Good news that you had a better run this morning migsy - and the marker idea is a very good one. Re the breathing - this may sound silly, or even unlikely, but could it be you are simply trying to run too fast too soon? The best test is if you can run and still talk comfortably to someone, then you are the right speed and you should maintain that until you find it so easy you need to up the tempo, each time making sure you can still chat comfortably.
    Only when you are doing speed work will you be unable to use this method.
    If you don't think that is the problem, I dont know and am sure others will be able to help. do you smoke? In which case, I imagine it will take longer for lungs to get used to the hard work they have to do to keep you oxygenated while you run.
    Not sure how helpful this is - but the others will have something to say too
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Migsy - well done. It's great when you get a good one isn't it?

    My only advice would be to slow down a bit when you get out of breath. Even if you think you are going really slowly anyway, slow down even more, but keep doing a running/jogging motion. Once you have recovered a bit, speed it up again. Once you can master recovering on the move, it gets easier to do it at faster paces. I have mastered a jogging pace that's even slower than walking, but somehow keeping "running" makes it easier the next time round.
  • Hi Migsy - well done you! I know exactly what you mean about the markers, and the amazing sense of achievement when you run that little bit longer....

    As for the breathing, I can also sympathise with that. I find that my body is willing, but the breath is weak! There has been a really good thread on the site about breathing in the last few days. I'll try and find out where it is for you.

    I used to smoke quite heavily (quit in November 2001) so I expect that some of my problems stem from that. I find counting helps - focusing on footfall rather than breath, and soon you find that you've gone a bit further and haven't found it so painful.

    Keep up the good work - I've got tomorrow off too, so looking forward to a leisurely run, not one fitted in between a myriad of other activities.

    Heather :0)
  • Did I say 'run'????? Illusions of grandeur. I meant plod at a snail's pace!
  • Hey ya's all, thanx for your help. I dont smoke, and i thought i was running at a snails pace didnt think it was possible to run any slower.. lol

    A friend of mine said breathe in through nose and out through mouth, now if ya do that r u sposed to do this at normal breathing rate which in my case when i plod is pretty fast.. lol or r u sposed to slow it down??
    Am really pleased with myself now, am gonna go do some situps now.. while i still got the buzz.. lol
    One...... twoooo..... threeee...... see if i can make it to 4.. lol
  • I've found it - page 2 in beginners forum - a post called 'Breathing'. There's some good advice on there.

  • Hi Hetfinch,

    Thanx for the search, i will have a butchers at that and see if it does me any good for saturday.
  • Well Done Migsy! I haven't got any advice I'm afraid but it makes my day when I read someone has had a good one :-)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Don't try to breathe in through your nose only - take as much oxygen as you can get. Try to keep it steady if you can, and concentrate on trying to fill your stomach with air, rather than just breathing with your chest, if that makes any sense.
  • Well done Migsy!
  • Practise diaphragmatic breathing by standing with your back against the wall, put your hand on your diaphragm and breathe in. If you're breathing properly your hand should be pushed away from your body. It takes a bit of practice but once you know how to do it, like anything else, it comes naturally.
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