Turfed out of my office

So I am being turfed out of my small office with a window and a view of the dual carriageway and a tree with a pigeon nest, to make way for a new member of staff more senior to me. I have been relegated to a dank, even smaller office, with no window and a noisy aircon vent.

This is cruel and unusual behaviour. One gets used to a certain desk and how to hide one's internet usage etc.

Maybe it is time to change jobs.


  • Bad luck... I think it might be. Are they gonna renovate it?
  • No such luck. I am hoping they might not be able to find me a desk to put in there - that would put an end to any thoughts of actual work.

    At least it marginally closer to the tea room.
  • ever thought of office rage? Learn to be bitter and full of hate (like me) and rebel against those who moved you...

  • I read about a great revenge trick once. A girl who'd been dumped by her boyfriend and still had a key to the house, went in with some frozen prawns and filled up the hollow curtain rail with the prawns.....he spent a fortune trying to find out where the smell was coming from, and then moved....taking the curtains etc. with him! You could try something similar.....
  • Heh, I had thought of that - well actually I was going to sew watercress seeds into the carpet then water them. Apparently the effects are impressive.

    But I thought it might be kinda obvious who had done it.

    Office rage sounds better. I might practice a bitter twisted office rage face to go with my new office.
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    A large bag of cress seeds and a liberal soaking of the carpet before leaving for the weekend...........
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Beat me to it !
  • Or do it in a few weeks' time, after spending some time pretending to be utterly delighted with your new office. THen they won't twig that it was you who planted the cress.
  • True, and if I do the prawns one they might think it is the new chap who just stinks.
  • Or set fire to the place and run off to Rio with their accounts?
  • or with the accountant?
  • Perhaps that as well... Did they do that last year...

    (whistling wind and tumbleweed...)
  • Make friends with the person who has your office- they will want to know why you're not being treated better.
  • Revenge is gratifying in the short term - depends if you need a referrence or not.
  • The trouble is the new person a) isn't really at fault and b) will be enjoying that honeymoon period when a new keyboard and excessive amounts of post its are his if he wants them.
  • Better to be really nice but sew very clever seeds of discord by very occasionally using your treatment as an example of why the company morale has been so low for such a long time, and why so many people seem to have taken you into their confidence about how they're looking for new jobs and will be outie as soon as ever they can- of course you can't mention names, you are too loyal for that.
  • resign than claim costuctive dismisal
  • Blimey WW, that's a piccy to be ashamed of! I have several of my own I'm thinking of posting. :-)

    BB - who has a piccy of him with a bowlcut, orange shirt, red tank top, and brown courderoy trousers. The 70s, yeah man!
  • Mind you, the expression hasn't changed, has it Will?!
  • cheers BBB - i've overdone the anti-aging cream

    And thats my come and get me look

  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭
    By the new occupier a pot plant as a welcome present.

    After a week, secretly 'water' it with milk. A few days later the creeping stench is like a very rancid b.o. problem...
  • Pernickty Butt , I would like to point out I have NEVER been painted in a wall

  • 95 mins - ooooh that is a good one.

    I am slightly scared by how many of you freaks there are out there. I had better start being nicer to the people in my office.

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