A Coventry Way Challenge 40

Anyone done this before or know anything about it, After being rejected by Mr Branson, looking for an alternative challenge and this looked interesting


  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Are you local JPenno? Its a cracking event. Did it last year but live on the course itself so often use different sections of the route for training. I shant be doing it in 2010 purely cos Im doing a 100 the week after. I hope to be volunteering at one of the checkpoints though, it really is a quality little event
  • Mr F - not local, my avatar gives a clue to where I am (unusual as it may be for a LFC fan to live thereimage). just looking for alternatives, have a number of halfs and Blackpool marathon planned and looking for something longer before the triathlons start in May
  • I've entered this one and am looking forward to it. Can anyone tell me what it's like to navigate? Are there plenty of way marks?

    Never run an event where i've needed to navigate but i'm not bad with a map. Just a bit concerned because I don't know the route at all.

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    Dill, not hard to navigate at all. You get a comprehensive guide book given to you at the start and each page covers about a 3-5 mile section of the route. The guide book is more than sufficient!

    Cracking event, im doing it again this year! Are you local Dill?

  • Hi Mr F

    No i'm not local at all! I'm from Maidstone so the North Downs are my training ground. I just liked the look of this one. Good reviews, good price and a chance to take in a different part of the country.  

    Good to hear it's pretty easy to get round. Some of trails round my way are really poorly marked so I often get lost.

    I take it you enjoyed it last year? What sort of time did you do? I'm guessing i'll take about 8 hours.

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    Loved it. A few sections not too scenic, but on the whole its all over fields and through woodland.

    I was more around 9hrs last year, but we were going slow! Intend putting my feet down a bit this year, so more likely to be around the 8hr mark too!

  • Mr F,

    Any typical times for Walkers ?

    Just curious for next year.

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    a real variety, im sure the website will give last years results.

    hardly done any training for this years but its such a relaxed event im not in the least bit bothered, will just be a cracking day out!

  • Hi I'm local to the event. Just want to know if it is possible to do it in trainers?
  • unless we get a clear dry week.. expect a fair bit of mud.

    ive done it in road shoes on dryer years but you might want something with a bit more grip / protection.

  • i assume you won't do it if you get a stratford place ? image
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Matthew, I did a 6m stretch of the course tonight around kenilworth stoneleigh and bubbenhall. lets just say it was fun but mighty boggy. At one point i was faced with what can only be described as a small lake to cross in the field just after the bubbenhall village hall checkpoint. But in contrast least year was very dry, and actually a pretty hot day. was forced to stop off at my house and pick up a sun hat!
    So how local are you? Im lucky to have the course go right past my house!
    This is a far better event that stratford too!
  • Funny enough I went through Baginton, Bubbenhall, Stoneleigh and Kenilworth and back today. Pure road running. It was extremely wet so I know what you mean.  i have been trying to get into the Stratford marathon but to be honest I fancy this more. Quite happy to drop out now. I live in South Cov.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    some great roads and some even better off road stretches! image
  • I'm looking at doing the course in 8 hours. I ran 25 on Tuesday in 4 so hopefully should be in good shape to do so. Aiming to start around 7, but have slight concerns having got the route about finding my way round. How well marked is the route?
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Matt, it is not hard to navigate, the little green book is very very good. also, there are marker posts with the small green circular ACW logos on which point you in the right direction. id say it would be very hard to get lost! I did a different section of the route from brinklow to wolston yesterday and christ it was muddy. had to cross one field and it was like running in quick sand and even lost a shoe at one point. fingers crossed with the weather expected to pick up this weekend the fields start to dry out a bit, or its gonna be bloody hard on the legs!!
  • Looks like i migth have to give this a go. 

    Will be a good test of the achilles recovery, and a nice last long run for London image

    You running it this year Ed?

      *goes looking for the online entry*

  • maybe.... maybe not  image

    ran part of the bretford to brinklow section last thursday as part of my long run, the previous week i'd cut it out due to the muddiness of the other trails i'd been on. it's still very very muddy, hopefully this weekend will have helped.

    (ask me again on thursday)

  • was that the section after crossing the a45 mr F ? where you end up going diagonally across fields... yeh can be entertaining.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Yes Kind of Ed... the bit where you pass the Severn Trent water place to where you reach the A45. (I was running it backwards) Much drier yesterday though image
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    I wasnt ACTUALLY running backwards of course!
  • Hi guys,

    Just noticed this event and it looks and sounds great, i need some more miles under my belt before the comrades in May.  Im coming from London so ill need to get accomodation close the start - any recommendations??

    Also is it more of a walking event?  Is it very "clubby"?  Will I be on my own at the back?!

    Cheers! (quite excited really!)


  • hi katie,

    it is a ldwa walking event but runner friendly (the route was dreamt up by some local orienteers if i recall correctly), runners typically start a few hours after the walkers so after a little while you tend to catch them up in dribs and drabs.

     in meriden itself... the bull head is a bit pretentious (gone all gastropubby) but just up the road from the start. probablya few other hotels/b&bs in meriden too but no direct experience of them. failing that there's a couple down the a45 on the edge of coventry, or lots round the airport/NEC in the other direction.


  • As a first timer, I was wondering if anyone has any advice on what to eat (and when) during the run? Thanks.

  • I certainly got a nice tan yesterday.
  • ....and a record time presumeably ? image
  • Fantastic run yesterday. Knocked over an hour off my time. Only slightly gutted that the runner who finished after me did so in something ridiculous like 5 hrs 30 mins!!! Only 1 1/2 hours faster.........great event though and very well organised. Already looking forward to next year....
  • my friend and i did this run for the first time yesterday and we absolutely loved it. neither of us had run this distance before but had done 32 miles a few months previously. it was a well marked route with a fantastic booklet supplied on entry which meant we didn't go wrong (well only when chatting and not paying attention). the marshalls were fantastic, as was the food and drink at the check points. every one we met was brilliant and friendly,i would recommend this event to anyone who wants a challenge with a friendly twist. will definetely be back next year, thanks to all the organisers, this is an event to be proud off.

  • Thanks to all the runners and walkers - your'e a great bunch to make tea for.
  • Certainly enjoyed parts of it, certainly said never again whilst sat in the Bulls Head, possibly back one day, in fact already been back to Meriden today, but only to buy the papers, annoying that my local race is soooo bloody long.

    Top time Matt, I played it safe and left myself the option to knock an hour or two off if I return!!
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