Rant : Why are some cyclists so miserable?

Firstly, this is not aimed at all cyclists - just the ones in my area !
Whenever I go out on a training ride, I can almost always predict the response I'll get from other cyclists I see, by what category they fall into.
MTB riders - all friendly, and will say hello or something similar.
Ordiary fitness cyclists (which I class myself as) - you know reasonable bike and functional kit - very friendly bunch.
Club cyclists - dressed in club or replica team kit and on very expensive bikes - you are lucky if they even give you a second glance - let alone speak.
They are obviously above speaking to somebody on a cheaper bike, or without the flash kit!!
Give me a runner any day - at least they all speak !
Rant over



  • sorry not speeking ;o)
  • nor me.

    Mind you I am miserable anyway!!
  • cyclists? yep, miserable the lot of them ;o)
  • well of course the club cyclists are miserable. Have you seen their saddles?!
  • snail, take a look at my nickname...... need i say more???
  • i'm not a club cyclist but my saddle is *very* hard....
  • :-)

    do cyclists get blisters on their bums then? ;-)
  • i don't want to find out but am really considering getting myself a nice gel saddle
  • Since I bought all the team Lampre kit making me look like a dayglo advertisment hoarding- I am actually acknowledged by the serious cyclists as they sweep past, I certainly fooled them.
  • Wuss!
  • Of course the trainers on my feet give the game away a bit.
  • ..........er, not you Monique, sorry.........
  • I don't know whether to go for a gel saddle or tractor seat.
  • <looks for a rope and a high beam>
  • oy! no point in making life harder for myself mr steady!
  • Come back steady I know what you meant.
  • steady, is the piggy in your pic gulping or vomming? I can't work out which way the scoff's going...
  • Get a Helen Terry seat for girls
  • It's a Jackass pig!
  • helen terry seat? wots that?
  • I don't know, ask it?
  • Erm Steady what's a Helen Terry- wasn't she that blind person or was she that big girl used to sing around the time of Alison Moyet- has she gone into cycle supplies?
  • Its a special seat with a hole where the boney bit on girls rests.

    You can get men ones as well.

  • Go for a tractor seat, Monique, your bum'll look small on that... actually, yours prob is already ;-)

    (now I really am going for my dinner, with that lovely piggy-vom image in my head)
  • I get all my bikey bits from the Edinburgh Bicycle Co Op they are very good.
  • My whole bum is a bony bit- when I was small my mum would never let me sit on her knee said it hurt too much.
  • Erm...................<keeps comment to self>
  • Thankyou for that
  • Saddle numbness is caused by pressure on the nerves and veins that run from the genitalia to the ass. In tandem with ergonomics designer, Dr Roger Minkow, Specialized have developed a radical new saddle design to address this problem. Every Body Geometry saddle features a cutaway wedge, running the length of the saddle This ‘Minkow Wedge’ is designed to ensure no blockage in your personal plumbing lines. In a study at Stanford University, USA, 24 out of 25 riders said the seat helped relieve pressure on the sensitive perineal area, which, as we all know, is a pretty important spot. Sure, this saddle’s a little weird looking but not nearly as weird as what happens when that spot stops working.

    ‘I’ve never had saddle problems in 20 years of riding but when Dr Minkow sent me the Body Geometry saddle, I put it on the bike and rode 111 miles the next day. I’ve ridden probably 5,000 miles total and the point is, you don’t need to have saddle difficulties to get the benefit from this model. It looks good, it’s racy, it’s light, it’s well built and well designed. And bottom line is, it’s more comfortable than other saddles. It’s just a great saddle.’
    Fred Metheny, editor of America’s Bicycling magazine.
  • i like some of the descriptions on that site - Cheaper than a private prescription for Viagra
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