My first ever post from work!

I still bloody at work and am desparate to go home :(

See you all about 9 ish folks, maybe... possibly.

(Or maybe I'll post again in a mo :) ).


  • Just waiting for the damn printer to finish. Oh bored...
  • Excellent it's finished, I'm off! :)
  • oh poor you Caz! I have just got in, I have been on an odour course today....hmmmm interesting!!
  • Cheers Smitch see you later!
  • Safe journey home & see you later!
  • All the above threads have been printed off and are currently on there way to the industrial estate behind and to the right of the Horseshoe Public House marked foR the attention of "The Boss"
  • Odour course???!!!!!!

    Bloody hell, girl, you want to be paid well for that....
  • do you think now Caz is loved up we might only start to see her during the day?
  • It was really very interesting Barkles!! (hmmmm....)
  • Hi SB! How are you today?
  • I'm sure it was Smitch.. half of my course get right up my nose as well!!
  • well it was a hot day, all those sweaty armpits, yuk!
  • am good smitch - how are you?
  • not too bad thanks. Are you sorted for your Australia trip yet?
  • ooh I've just noticed your new name. Have you come out?
  • am off now..

    see you all tomorrow..
  • Bye Barkles
  • yes - decided to change my sexuality as an experiment. so far, so good. i've booked my ticket for australia but still nowhere to stay.... probably need to get hold of The Gay Guide to Sydney, or something.
  • No...are you really gay, or is it just a temporary phase?

    If you are, I think you are going at the wrong time for mardi gras.
  • what do you think smitch?
  • Oh dear, that's put me on the spot. Well, if you are, good for you, and we can both watch out for more forum talent (male), and if you are not, then hoorah!!
  • ha ha. would it surprise you if i said i was? <enjoying watching smitch squirm ever-so-slightly>
  • well, to be honest, having only ever spoken to you very briefly once, I can't say.

    In fact, I think I only said "oh hello, so you're Scooter Boy! You don't look like your picture" to you at the last social!
  • (I think I might have said this to everyone I met, including Fruity Reindeer. Think the beer had obviously kicked in by then)
  • lol - no, its a kind of long story. i've become Dr Nic's gay friend.... but i'm not gay - in fact i'm her non-gay gay friend. I might change my name back now (it was part of the forum earlier)...
  • oooh. God, good job I didn't just continue and say "oh and I thought you were very good looking...etc"
  • whoops
  • tee heee - back to my old self now
  • Yippeeeee!
  • Right. Now we've got that sorted, I am off to have a shower.

    Bye heterosexual SB!
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