How do I motivate a teenager?



  • To anyone encouraging their kids to get into running - a word of caution - Both my sister and I were both considered great runners at school age and both joined an athletics club.  We were both pushed really hard and got some great results and plenty of medals HOWEVER - I ended up with osgoodschlatis disease in my knees (attributed by many orthopaedic surgeons to over training while still growing) and could barely walk from the age of 16 to 19.  I was told I'd never run again - happily I started again in my mid 20s and have v slowly worked my way up to a couple of marathons.  I still have hideously disfigured knees though!

    My sister fortunately got through it all unscathed - possibly because she was a couple of years older? She had a great degree of success and ran for the england junior squad a couple of times, but then when she left home at 19 she discovered how much of life she felt like she'd missed out on and quit completely and has never run since!

    I know these are both extreme cases - but really let youngsters enjoy their running,  get them good training advice and encourage them gently, if it's really for them they'll find their own enthusiasm and motivation!

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